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Every month, designers from all over the world find a nice surprise in their inbox. It’s an email telling them that Campaign Monitor has just sent them some money via Paypal, money they have earned as mark-up profits from emails sent by their clients.

This month we’ve hit a very big milestone, one we’re really excited about.

We’ve now paid out to our customers over $1,000,000 US in mark-up!


Those profits have been paid in US, Australian, New Zealand and Canadian Dollars, as well as in British Pounds and Euros, but converted back to US Dollars, the grand total just broke the million.

That’s a fantastic result for all the designers involved, and for us too. It means that instead of designers having to pay to use Campaign Monitor, we’re paying them! Their clients are getting a tool that they can send emails quickly, in an attractive format and with no HTML skills required. Email marketing can be an excellent additional service for your web company, read on to find out more.

### What! How can I get some of that?

In case you haven’t looked into this for yourself, here’s the basic idea. Campaign Monitor is at its core a product built for web designers. The designer creates an account, and then in that account sets up all their clients. For each client, they provide one or more custom templates that the client can login, select, add content to and send.

The designer can choose to have their client pay for the campaigns themselves, and select the amount that each campaign costs, by marking up our base rates. So instead of $5 to send, and 1 cent per email, they may have their client pay $10 to send, and 2 cents per email. Now each time that client logs in and sends a campaign, everything that is above the base rate is set aside, and paid back to the designer at the end of the month via Paypal.

Some designers choose a very minimal mark-up, but charge for the template design. Others have quite a big mark-up, but provide free templates and ongoing consulting. The main point is that once the templates are in place, those profits just arrive without the designer having to do anything. It can be a lucrative ongoing revenue stream while you are busy doing other work.

If you are interested, make sure you checkout our case studies, where we chat with designers who have built their own rebranded email marketing systems based on Campaign Monitor. The newest example is SelectMailer, who have done a really slick job with their website.

There are no extra charges or fees to rebrand Campaign Monitor as your own product, you just set up an account, design yourself a marketing site and get into it. See our resources section for more information about offering email marketing to your clients.

All indications are that email marketing will continue to thrive, as businesses look for low cost, high impact areas to spend their money. If you can offer a tool to help them do that effectively, measurably and quickly, you’ll be well positioned to benefit.

Next month, will Campaign Monitor be sending you some money?

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