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Next month, in New Zealand’s Silicon Welly, there will be a gathering of designers, developers and assorted web nerds at Webstock 2008.


There’s a great lineup of speakers, including Dan Cederholm, Jason Santa Maria and Fresvhiew favourite Kathy Sierra, so it should be a fantastic event.

I’ll be there to enjoy it, and since I know a lot of you guys are from New Zealand, it would be a great chance to meet some of you. So if you are going to be attending Webstock, we’d love to hear from you and try to arrange some kind of meetup.

Leave a comment or fire through an email to let me know! There’ll be Campaign Monitor shirts to be had, and an opportunity to really sell me on that great feature idea you have.

In our business we often never meet the people who use Campaign Monitor and MailBuild every day, so we’ll try to make the most of the opportunity. I’m looking forward to it already!

  • Amanda Wheeler

    I’m keen! When do you guys arrive in Wellington?

  • Mathew Patterson

    It will be just me, and I’ll be there from the 13th.

  • Tim Norton

    Hey Mathew, Great that you’re coming, Be good to catchup, have used campaign monitor for a couple of my businesses and for clients of my web design biz too, always admired your design and international profile.

    Thanks for the link to my Silicon Welly blog too!

    tim at planhq dot com

  • David Vaassen

    Hope to see you there Matt. Should be a great event. Love and use CM and Mailbuild.

  • Christine

    Web Directions North just wrapped up this week in Vancouver and I commented to Josh that it would be nice if the guys from Fresh View came up one year. You should consider it. Vancouver is not New Zealand of course. It’s pretty wet and miserable sometimes, but we would love to meet you guys!

  • Mathew Patterson

    Thanks Christine – you could always come down to Web Directions South and meet us of course!

    You never know, we might make it up there one year, we already have a resident Canadian here in the office.

  • Galen King

    Will be there for the conferences on Thursday and Friday. Look forward to catching up. Use MailBuild regularly and am encouraging more and more clients to come on board. Love it!

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