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You may have seen, heard of or even worn one of our Campaign Monitor shirts in the past — we’ve sold and given away quite a few over the last couple of years. The ideas for the shirts came from a competition we ran, where all of you contributed your ideas, and voted on your favorites.

Here’s a reminder of what the winners look like:


On the left we have The Counter: “This shirt has been viewed 4782 times”. That slogan was from Jason Dancisin. In the center is Security: “To protect your security, the image on this shirt was suppressed automatically”. Thanks to Mark Brownlow for his winning slogan work.

And finally on the right I’m Single: “I’m single, forward me to a friend”. I have to take responsibility for that one. We have both men’s and women’s cuts for the shirts, which we are told is a rarity in the nerd-software-shirt world.

After two years of these sweet designs, the time has come for some new shirts. We may well keep the old ones in rotation, but we’re also looking for some new ideas, and that is where you come in. Today we are launching our new t-shirt competition, your chance to have your slogan or idea designed and printed and available in actual meat space clothing form.

So how does this work?

It’s super simple. Just leave a comment below with your suggested slogan, phrase or other idea. We’ll collect them for a week or two, and then put them to a public vote. We do of course reserve the right ultimately to decide on which ones get printed. Having seen some of the previous suggestions, this is essential!

Here’s the chart showing the most popular suggestions from last time:

Results for the last competition. The top 3 are described above.

Keep in mind, this is something that will be representing Campaign Monitor, so as funny as your ‘stimulus package’ gags might be, they probably won’t make it onto a shirt. Don’t let that stop you making the comment though! Try thinking about some of the phrases used in Campaign Monitor and email marketing to kick off some ideas.

What is in it for me?

We’re going to have some awesome prizes for the top 3 selected shirts. That will include receiving one of each of the winning designs, plenty of Campaign Monitor credits and for the ultimate winner, a very cool prize which we’ll announce later.

What are the rules?

The first rule of the t-shirt competition is that you can talk about the t-shirt competition. The second rule is that you can submit as many ideas as you like. Otherwise, it is pretty well open. Obviously we are looking for email marketing related ideas, things which could be conceivably used on a Campaign Monitor shirt.

How can I get a shirt, once they are done?

This time around, we won’t be selling the shirts at all. We’ll be giving away shirts to designers who feature in our gallery, people who are helpful in our forums, and to people we meet at the various web design events we sponsor or attend.

So get cracking on some awesome campaigns for your clients, and you could well end up with a new shirt as well as some mark-up profits.

What is your idea for a Campaign Monitor shirt?

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