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You may have seen, heard of or even worn one of our Campaign Monitor shirts in the past — we’ve sold and given away quite a few over the last couple of years. The ideas for the shirts came from a competition we ran, where all of you contributed your ideas, and voted on your favorites.

Here’s a reminder of what the winners look like:


On the left we have The Counter: “This shirt has been viewed 4782 times”. That slogan was from Jason Dancisin. In the center is Security: “To protect your security, the image on this shirt was suppressed automatically”. Thanks to Mark Brownlow for his winning slogan work.

And finally on the right I’m Single: “I’m single, forward me to a friend”. I have to take responsibility for that one. We have both men’s and women’s cuts for the shirts, which we are told is a rarity in the nerd-software-shirt world.

After two years of these sweet designs, the time has come for some new shirts. We may well keep the old ones in rotation, but we’re also looking for some new ideas, and that is where you come in. Today we are launching our new t-shirt competition, your chance to have your slogan or idea designed and printed and available in actual meat space clothing form.

So how does this work?

It’s super simple. Just leave a comment below with your suggested slogan, phrase or other idea. We’ll collect them for a week or two, and then put them to a public vote. We do of course reserve the right ultimately to decide on which ones get printed. Having seen some of the previous suggestions, this is essential!

Here’s the chart showing the most popular suggestions from last time:

Results for the last competition. The top 3 are described above.

Keep in mind, this is something that will be representing Campaign Monitor, so as funny as your ‘stimulus package’ gags might be, they probably won’t make it onto a shirt. Don’t let that stop you making the comment though! Try thinking about some of the phrases used in Campaign Monitor and email marketing to kick off some ideas.

What is in it for me?

We’re going to have some awesome prizes for the top 3 selected shirts. That will include receiving one of each of the winning designs, plenty of Campaign Monitor credits and for the ultimate winner, a very cool prize which we’ll announce later.

What are the rules?

The first rule of the t-shirt competition is that you can talk about the t-shirt competition. The second rule is that you can submit as many ideas as you like. Otherwise, it is pretty well open. Obviously we are looking for email marketing related ideas, things which could be conceivably used on a Campaign Monitor shirt.

How can I get a shirt, once they are done?

This time around, we won’t be selling the shirts at all. We’ll be giving away shirts to designers who feature in our gallery, people who are helpful in our forums, and to people we meet at the various web design events we sponsor or attend.

So get cracking on some awesome campaigns for your clients, and you could well end up with a new shirt as well as some mark-up profits.

What is your idea for a Campaign Monitor shirt?

  • Craig

    This shirt was given to me by Campaign Monitor.
    (You get what you pay for!!)

  • Richard

    Rebrand me, I’m resellable

  • Elaine

    Re-brand, re-sell and profit

    from this page here https://www.campaignmonitor.com/features/re-brand-re-sell-and-profit/

  • Wayde Christie

    I reckon that bird & cloud shirt that was floating around at Web Directions last year was great. You know… ‘Did you get my email?’. ‘Yes’.


  • Joey

    Front: Not a DESIGNER?
    Back: This shirt’s not for you.

  • Mathew Patterson

    @Wayde – you mean this one? That is based on Carla Hackett’s original, so probably not up for grabs.

  • Mathew Patterson

    Here’s my own entry: “Please unsubscribe me from this conversation”

  • Jesse S

    You mouth is in direct violation of CAN-SPAM compliance.

  • Andres Colmenares

    “We are the Threadless of e-mail.” :]

  • Terry

    Campaign Monitor
    The other million dollar homepage!

  • Joey

    [ your brand here ]

  • Craig

    They hand out over a million $ to designers around the world, and all I get is this lousy t-shirt!!

  • Ros

    Email. Because discussion is overrated.

  • Stefan Seiz

    No stamps required!

  • Douglas Neiner

    You are reading the text-only version of this shirt.

  • Lou

    Draft up your own email.
    Better than a draft up your skirt.

  • Lou

    This conversation would not pass through popular spam filters.

  • Lou

    I am tracking your response.

  • Lou

    Mark up markup.

  • Lou

    I’ll support you when Gmail won’t.

  • Lou

    <style> in <body>

  • Tobias

    “Copy & Paste Therapist”

  • Bruno Bergher

    “I don’t look this good in Outlook 2007.”

  • Jaclyn Smith

    “Just make this look pretty.” -Boss

  • Jaclyn Smith

    Tell A Friend!

  • Jaclyn Smith

    404 error: file not found

  • Jaclyn Smith

    It’s a designer thing, you just wont understand.

  • Joshua Hays

    my email would kick your emails ass.

  • Joshua Hays

    email was just pwnd

  • Nathan Pitman

    How about:

    “Not Junk” – in OS button style.


    “Click here to read the web based version of this T-shirt”

  • Nathan Pitman

    or… depending on your mood, two different T-shirts to pick from:

    “Soft Bounce”


    “Hard Bounce”

  • Joshua Hays

    send & receive done right

  • Nathan Pitman

    ok, this really is my last one:

    “If you no longer wish to hear from me, place your fingers in your ears to instantly unsubscribe”

  • Douglas Neiner

    Webmail Strips My Style

  • Nippr

    There’s table designers and there’s <table> designers

  • Nippr

    Knight of the good lookin’ <table>

  • mari

    550 5.1.1 : It’s not you; it’s me.

  • Jaclyn

    Could not open shirt file. Please download overly updated shirt player here.

  • Kitsimons

    I’ll get straight into your junk.

    Reply to: _____________

    Inline styles display: none;

  • Bart

    “Report this shirt as spam”

  • Joey

    Can’t see this shirt? Take off to view online.

  • Anna Yeaman

    F**K 2007

    My husband Graeme’s suggestion :) he often has to fix Outlook 2007 issues…

    Less rude option

    Sure, it’ll look great in Ou tlook2 0 07

    (use messed up spacing, font and line heights for “Outlook 2007” or have the words Outlook 2007 in a weird place like on the side of the tee because its trashed your layout)

  • Jarrod Taylor

    1F Y0U h4V3 TR0U8L3
    R34D1NG TH15 T5H1RT
    PL3453 CL1CK H3R3

  • Jarrod Taylor

    I <>


    I <3

    either in the “I [heart] NY” style

  • Jarrod Taylor

    Also available in plain text
    (in a fancy font)

  • Dave Townsend

    Ask me about my conversion rate

  • Dave Townsend

    100% Opens
    100% Clicks
    0% Bounces

  • Craig Hindman

    Back | Campaign Monitor

    Front | Send & Receive

    ( Perhaps with the S & R icon )

  • Craig Hindman

    “I may look better in your skin”

    Campaign Monitor

  • Craig Hindman

    “Customise Me”

  • Craig Hindman

    “I could be yours and no one has to know…”

  • christy kilgore

    Consider yourself marked as spam.

  • Steve

    Constant Contact killer

  • Cole

    Does my button look big in this?

  • christy kilgore

    Campaign Monitor:
    What to take for better intimate life!

  • Gez

    Can’t see me clearly – click here for an online version

  • joel harrison

    (place annoying content here)

    can’t do anything about it

  • joel harrison

    Economic Downturn
    [ ] unsubscribe

  • joel harrison

    Swine Flu
    [x] unsubscribe

  • Carl Steinhilber

    “This shirt may not look like much, but it has a great open rate

    “Click here to opt-in”

    “SPAM is soooo not sexy”

    “Do you know where your email’s been?”

    “Your inbox is safe with me”

  • joel harrison

    [x] unsubscribe

  • Chris

    1) “If you can’t see the images…it’s because there aren’t any”
    2) “If you’re having trouble reading this…stop drinking”
    3) “Don’t miss out again…add me to your contacts”
    4) “Your emails keep breaking? You must be a div!”
    5) “Outlook ‘0 What?”

  • joel harrison

    [x] unsubscribe

  • Anna Yeaman

    Sure It’ll look great under Ou tlook2 0 07

    http://twitpic.com/4pdc0 (here’s a photo)

  • Jane Hammer

    “To ensure delivery, add me to your address book.”

  • joel harrison

    Campaign Monitor
    [x] subscribe

  • joel harrison

    I designed Campaign Monitors new slogan
    … and all I got was this lousy T-Shirt

  • Jane Hammer

    “Trouble viewing this shirt? Click here.”

  • Jane Hammer

    “Subscribe to my services.”

  • AD

    Better targeting will improve your response.

  • Andrew Conn

    1) Who knew that ABC Widgets Corporation was so big in Australia?

    2) Thought Process: I don’t know how much to mark this up… I’ll just double it… no wait, you think I could triple it and clients would still pay… I don’t know… that would be sweet though… just to be safe, I’ll stick with doubling it like everyone else.

    3) Thank heaven this t-shirt is on my safe sender’s list, otherwise you could see my naked tables.

  • Mailiac

    I think this guy would look great on a t-shirt:

    We call him “Mailiac” – a name he shares with our white label version og CM =)

    What do you think?

  • Jane Hammer

    “I’ll need a read reciept after you’ve viewed this shirt.”

  • Winum

    I think this guy would look great on the front of a t-shirt:

    We call him “Mailiac” – funny enought the same name as our white label version of CM =)

  • Winum

    oops – double post. Thought firefox never crashed – and obviously it didn’t. Sry.

    (this is not a print idea for the t-shirt =)

  • Jason

    $5 + 1 cent per recipient
    And they say you can’t buy love.

    Jason (former t-shirt slogan winner!)
    FYI, I never received any credits for my first t-shirt :(

  • Jason

    I am CAN-SPAM compliant.

  • Cornelius

    “I like Email Marketing”

    “You send me”


  • Loren

    [ ] Mark As Read

  • Vince

    would you like to bounceback to my room?
    this shirt has a 100% click rate.
    can I opt you into my life?
    I have 100% deliverability rate.

  • Johnwithbeard

    I’m a real tweetie

  • Simon

    Don’t be a < div >

  • Simon

    Refresh Junkie

  • Dave

    Tested in all major clients

  • Kara Peters

    100% Rebrandable.
    Check out my new skin.

  • Dave


  • Andrew Baker

    [Copy inside the CM cloud graphic] Which I really like!]
    [Front of CM T-shirt]

    Reverse me 4 d-tail…

    [Back of CM T-shirt]

    (O)wn (Y)our (O)wn

    oyoCustomers @ CampaignMonitor.com

    [Copyright andrew@seamerdesign.com 2009]
    [Cause its so good I might have to use it myself!]

  • Cliff Burk

    it’s all a cover up!

  • Jaclyn Smith

    “If you think I look good now, wait till you see me in hi-res”


    “Click here to make larger”

    (>.> I think we can take that in different ways hah)

    “Take another look, your just raising my stats”

    “Protect eyes! Use a template!”

    “5 out of 4 people suck at math – leave the stats to us.”


  • Jaclyn Smith

    “Take another look, you’re just raising my stats”

    —-and to follow up on that–

    “Cehck tiwce, sned ocne.”

  • Grant P

    [ ] Remember me

    [ ] Remember my details

  • Victor Camara

    To make sure you get this t-shirt add tshirt@campaignmonitor.com to your address book.


    Powered by Campaign Monitor


    I received this t-shirt because I’m a super cool Campaign Monitor customer.

    last one-

    i CAN-SPAM you if i want to
    but i prefer to use Campaign Monitor

  • Jonathan Kong

    I’m hungry, pass me the spam baby.

  • Duncan Buckley

    (Picture of a Web 2.0 reflection) Glossy button that says:

    “Press here for a serious Call to Action!”

  • Duncan Buckley

    “Envy me… I have a low Spam Count”

  • Duncan Buckley

    (For the lads)

    Front – “Thanks to Campaign Monitor…”

    Back – “I’m a real E-male”

  • batdevis

    mailme, stupid.

  • pixi

    What you send, they will receive.

  • pixi

    Send and they will recieve.

  • Amit

    I, http://www.ilogo.org, would love to make these T-shirts for you at half the price for anybody else in better quality too…

  • mt

    “I am sure you look nice and pretty and all that, but you can’t help but turn people off.”

  • Jason

    My email is compliant. Are you?

  • etrianda

    now, you can smaile :)

  • Jaclyn Smith

    Good looks and brains!

  • Scott

    For incoming messages that: (*) match all of the following

    [ From ][ v ] . . . [ contains ][ v ] . . . [ Campaign Monitor ]

    [ Add Star ][ v ]
    [ Set Priority ][ v ] . . . [ Highest ][ v ]
    [ Set Junk Status ][ v ] . . . [ Not Junk ][ v ]

    (Note: Modeled after Thunderbird, specifically)

  • Gerry Ong


    “Left a comment on this blog and all I got was this lousy T-shirt.”

    “Keep looking at my chest and I will have to subscribe you.”

    “[ ] Remember my details: 34-26-36”

    “CREATE your own tee then SEND me my fee!”

    “Sign up for email greatness”

    “BEAUTIFUL, POWERFUL, SOPHISTICATED–no, I wasn’t talking about me, I was talking about Campaign Monitor”

    “TRY ME FOR FREE–CampaignMonitor.com

    “ASK ME WHY DESIGNERS LOVE ME–CampaignMonitor.com

    “YOU CAN GET ME TO DO MOST ANYTHING…using my API–CampaignMonitor.com

  • fari


  • fari


  • isaac

    the best thing to come out of the shire

  • Lembit

    <li>MIME-Version: 2.0
    <li>X-Spam-Flag: Not Applicable
    From: Campaign Monitor

    With: Love

  • Lembit

    Sorry for double-posting, I thought basic HTML includes <ol>. So here goes with increased readability.

    1) MIME-Version: 2.0

    2) X-Spam-Flag: Not Applicable

    From: Campaign Monitor
    With: Love

  • mt

    “Look, I may be viral, but do you really have to wear a mask…?”

  • Mathew Patterson

    @mt – alternatively:

    “The good kind of viral”

  • Lembit

    Email Tamer King *

    * Anagram for Email Marketing

  • Your name is required


  • Derek

    Double Opt-In is so hot right now.

  • David Thall

    “A penny for your thoughts”

  • mt

    “You had me at snippet text.”

  • Dan

    (for the ladies)

    (written across the chest)0% bounce rate
    Campaign Monitor: better than a bra

  • Saurooon

    I have already seen it somethere…

  • Elaine

    Front: I can be your dirty little secret
    Back: Campaign Monitor

    or something along those lines lol.

  • Simon

    Q: Will my e-mail display properly?
    A (In a magic 8-ball style triangle): Outlook (2007) not so good.

  • Steve D

    all content,

    no attachments

  • Paul Cripps

    ..I used to be direct mail…

  • fgjhfghj


  • mulG

    Helping your business gain new clustomers
    (Always send the test email)

  • mulG

    Email Marketing: Easy as pie *

    * NOTE: Below text an image of Campaign Monitor style pie chart.

  • bbduck

    URGENT! Send Your Emails to DIGEST@YOUWITHIN1SECOND.COM I’M Extremely Hurgry.

  • bbduck

    I Must be Smarter than Einstein, Add me

  • bbduck

    No Money More Talk. I can help you to achieve Success.

  • bbduck

    8 peoople + 8 ideas= $64 US

  • bbduck

    The market needs me.

  • Pete Cooper

    Single, click to test.

  • Pete Cooper

    Tested by all major clients.

  • Pete Cooper

    Gone in 60 seconds.

  • Pete Cooper

    Over 30. Professionally designed. Tested on all major clients.

  • Pete Cooper

    Straight. To the point. Beautiful. Works.

  • Pete Cooper

    You had me at [ ]

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