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Way back in May this year, we asked you guys to come up with some new ideas for our popular range of email nerd t-shirts. In the end, we had nearly 150 hilarious (and some kinda scary) ideas that we then put up for vote. We announced the three winners in July, and have finally turned those winning ideas into something you can wear.

Just like last time, we were very fussy about quality. After lots of searching, we’ve partnered with fellow Aussies and good friends RedBubble (the super popular online art community). RedBubble print on high quality 100% cotton American Apparel stock, so the shirts fit nicely and feel great.

Once the votes were tallied, they were handed to our support and design extraordinaire Jarrod Taylor, who turned them from funny tagline to a shirt you’d actually wear. Without further ado, here are the winning designs…

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Suggested by our very own Mat Patterson, who says good email marketing etiquette can’t be just as useful in real life? The next time somebody isn’t offering timely, relevant conversation that you opted in to hear, just slide your jacket open and present them with this message.



The full tee



The G’day shirt (suggested by Ricky Cox from Japan) highlights that awkward social situation we’ve all been in. You go to say hi to someone and at that moment their name escapes you. Thankfully there’s always a fallback, and in Australia it’s the universal “mate”. Extra points for using the Campaign Monitor personalization syntax in there too.



The full tee


Plain text

This shirt, suggested by Doug Neiner is perfect for those plain text purists out there. If you’re still reading your email with Pine, this shirt is for you.



The full tee


Getting your own copy of our new shirts

Unlike our previous tees, we won’t be making these available for sale. Instead, we’ll be giving them away to customers. The only thing you need to do is be awesome. Whether that’s through doing something clever with our software, designing a beautiful email, helping other people out in our forums or helping spread the word about Campaign Monitor, we’ll be armed with boxes of these tees to send your way.

A big thanks to everyone who offered their suggestions and helped pick a winner.

  • Shawn Rubel

    I love them all! If I were to buy one, I’d probably get #2 :) Will they have a CM logo on the back?

  • Jeff Davis

    They are all pretty darn clever. Nice job.

  • shini

    Love the first one!

  • Steve Guberman


    And in case you missed it on Facebook and Twitter – the second sentence reads “I the end” when it should probably read “IN the end”.

    Consder that something awesome that you can send me a cool shirt for!

    (or don’t, I’ll love you immensely anyway)

  • Diana Potter

    @Steve, Good catch, we’ll get that sorted. In return we’ll let you know it should be “Consider” not Consder in your comment ;). Thanks for being awesome, we’ll certainly keep it in mind when we start doling out the shirts.

  • David Greiner

    @Shawn, yep, they all have a small Campaign Monitor logo on the back. We wanted to avoid anything too promotional so figured that was a much better spot than the front.

  • Anne

    Love ’em. Simply bonza. I particularly like the design of #2 . Any chance you might consider printing babydoll tees? ;)

  • Douglas Neiner

    Hey guys! Can’t wait to get these in the mail!!! I think the G’day one is gonna be my favorite. Maybe I’ll make a video of me wearing them with my Flip that I CONSTANTLY enjoy since winning it.

    Thanks guys!

  • elmo

    Do al designs in the email newsletter gallery get a T-Shirt?

  • David Greiner

    That’s right elmo, as soon as they arrive, we’ll start sending them out to any customers that make our gallery. We’ll also be giving them to customers helping spread the word about CM, those helping people out in the forums, and any other way you can think of to be awesome.

  • kuthub

    I like the gray one.. “G’Day” looks awesome.. I wish I wud get one.. ! :)

  • Dave Calleja

    Need! Now to do something awesome…

  • Ben May

    Some awesome shirts :)

  • Erik Christensen

    Awesome t’s, sure wish I was active enough to get one! Throw a student some love why don’t ya! ;p

  • Texas Techies

    Yeah…throw us some love…please! Love the tees! Maybe if you have one left over in small size…send it!

  • Paula Austin

    These are soo cool! I love #2. I want it :)

  • Cara Crosetti

    Love the first one! It’s a winner :)

  • Johan Rijk

    The t-shirts are clever! Giving them away is a great move to give something back to your customers. One suggestion is making the details of this blog a little clearer! If I am not a customer how does one get a t-shirt and if I am a customer how are you going about getting the shirts to the right people?

  • Ros Hodgekiss

    Hi Johan! Sorry, we should have defined “awesome” a little better. Some of the things people have done to score t-shirts in the past have included:

    – Offering solid answers and advice on the forums (we get some amazing responses from our community)
    – Mentioning something great you’ve done with CM on your blog / Twitter (such as campaign improvements using A/B testing, segments etc)
    – Writing a blog post about a recent campaign (like the recent Style Campaign one… Also a great way to get your name out there!)
    – Sharing a beautiful email design with us
    – Really, anything that you feel can benefit other CM users – it can be technical, funny, your experience with a campaign – bring it to our notice and you’ll get a shirt!

    In fact, I can smell a bit of awesome now. Get yourself over to our Facebook page (http://www.facebook.com/campai… and become a fan. We’ve just announced a ‘fake CM t-shirt’ competition and the best entries will receive a free t-shirt! Entries close Friday, 13 November, so time to start snapping!

  • shannon

    these are okay but they’re not nearly as funny as the t-shirts emaildirect.com was giving away at ad:tech in april.Their free giveaway shirts read:”the easy way to get into a girls inbox””social networks are for perverts””your junk just shrunk””full service your wife will approve of.”

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