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Just as our new years’ resolutions have started to lose their lustre (5am. Boot camp. Really?), we’ve decided to hark back to more optimistic times by announcing a winner for the 2010 Christmas email competition. This year, our support team sifted through thousands of campaigns during their regular review process, before coming up with a shortlist of 39 amazing designs. After an extensive peer review that involved much intercontinental nodding and grunting, 3 finalists were selected and a winner declared.

This year, our congratulations go to the team at Ambition Creative for their toasty email newsletter. We couldn’t help but warm to their one-column design:

Ambition Creative

A winner is declared!

Ambition's design on the iPhone

Picking a winner from thousands is never easy, even when our criteria of good looks, effective message and technical merit are applied. At first glance, we may have fallen for any of the image-heavy, Photoshopped wonders to fall on our desks. But once they started looking less than cheery with images blocked, it was straight to the cutting-room floor.

Ambition’s concept was simple. A one-column layout, an inviting header image (with ALT text) and a personal message from Gary & Gerry. Our team loved the warm colors, the friendly tone. But what gave Ambition’s design the edge is that it displays faultlessly across the major email clients, including Lotus Notes. It’s also effective on mobile devices, too.

However, what will have you saying ‘wow’ is this short video on how the team created the header image. There’s far less Photoshop involved than you thought!

We’ll be rewarding Ambition with a Parrot AR Drone, $100 in Threadless vouchers and 50,000 Campaign Monitor email credits. Just what our British friends need to stay amused during these snowed-in winter weeks.

But, that’s not all…

Almost as hard as picking a single winner was choosing two runner-up designs. Again, one-column layouts dominated our interest, as did short, snappy copy.


The folks at Clever4 went for an easy-on-the-eyes approach, with cool colors, a subtle background image and some very cute pixel art. Did we mention that all of the text is just that – actual web text?


Now, we simply love this bold message designed by DRID for Aumann Katzsch Architekten. Big text has always gone down well with us – not only does it look great on mobile devices, but it simply jumps from the inbox! Click through and the matching e-greeting on their site is equally well done – assuming you like German bikers…!

Our friends at Clever4 and DRID will receive 10,000 email credits each for their thoughtful designs.

A look at previous designs…

It’s with much pleasure that 2010’s winners will be immortalized in our ever-growing gallery of impressive Christmas email designs. Let’s take a look at some of the previous winners (click to view):

Winner, 2009
Winner, 2008Winner, 2007


A huge thanks to everyone who used our app to send their holiday campaigns – it was absolutely inspiring to go through them all and a real testament to how creative and forward-thinking our customers are. We hope these entries have given you fresh ideas for the year ahead and we look forward to seeing what’s in store for our next holiday competition!

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