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The internet makes it possible for us to design, develop and support a web application for people all around the world even though our physical office is in Australia. It’s fantastic, but it does mean that we only get to met a very small proportion of customers in person.

That’s why our support team (who are based in Australia, Europe and the US) have such an important job to do gathering customer feedback, problems and suggestions and sharing them with the rest of the team. We use an internal tracking tool to capture your ideas big and small on how to improve existing features and which new ones to consider.

Our recent template builder is a great example of a feature that was shaped by a lot of customer feedback both before launch and in follow-up tweaks.

Not everything that gets suggested will be added to Campaign Monitor of course (we’ve all used software that has fallen in to that trap!) but customer feedback is critical to the planning process. So a big thank you to everyone who has taken the time to email us and let us know what you’d like to see in Campaign Monitor. It makes a difference.

Join our Sydney Support Team


The Sydney support team catches up with our remote support team colleagues through the power of lifesize cutouts.

We’re looking for the right person to join our support team here in Sydney (you do need to be in Sydney and able to work in the office). You should be friendly, a great communicator and have a demonstrable interest in the web, and have a customer service mindset.

A few of our support team were active Campaign Monitor customers before joining us and have made great contributions, so we always like to give you guys the heads up early when positions are available.

You can find our more and apply via the full job description. You never know – you could be recording your own suggestions for Campaign Monitor improvements! If you know someone else who might be suitable, please pass the link on to them too.

  • Jason

    I suppose I could jump the ditch. How bad are your accents?

  • Ros Hodgekiss

    Our accents are sweet as, bro ;) Come on over to the promised land!

  • Justine Jordan

    You’ve totally inspired me to request life-size cutouts of Dave and James (who work remotely across the pond from us in the US).

  • Jason

    Would love to but would be an expensive interview (If I even got that far) with the flights

  • Remy Bergsma

    Lol, those life-size cutouts are awesome. Good on ya on the support gathering all the feedback of clients and channeling it towards new developments. What type of tracking tool do you use for capturing all that feedback? Is it home grown or off the shelf software? :)

  • Brent

    lol… until I read the caption I was looking at the photo and thinking “that’s one major Photoshop fail!”

  • Ros Hodgekiss

    Hi Remy, we use Atlassian’s Jira for both bug tracking and collecting customer requests. Mat here put together a really nice custom interface so we can rapidly use it :D

    Brent, I don’t blame you! However if we had those skills, the first thing we’d do is probably airbrush our appearances to look like members of an incredibly good-looking Korean pop band. Next time….

  • Marion

    Hello there, are you still looking for someone to work with you in Sydney ?
    I’m in France now, but I want to return. Before I left I was looking for THIS job… of course you didn’t know you would need me in your team, otherwise you would not let me leave :) (don’t worry, it’s just French humor).

  • Ros Hodgekiss

    Hi Marion, the support roles are no longer available, but keep an eye on https://www.campaignmonitor.com/jobs as we’ll certainly be posting new positions there :)

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