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Customer feedback shapes much of what Campaign Monitor is today, not to mention what it will become in the future. So we thought we’d reach out and see what one thing Campaign Monitor customers like you would like to see improved about our service.

In return, we’ve got a modest mountain of ultra-exclusive Campaign Monitor t-shirts to give away, one per customer. Apologies in advance if we run out of your size – you’ll see what’s available after submitting your feedback. If we’ve run out of shirts and closed the giveaway, don’t worry – we’ll have new swag and more giveaways in the coming months, so watch this space.

Fill out my online form.


Thank you so much for helping us improve – we’ll be in touch if we make good on your suggestion. Now get some of that t-shirt action!

  • Adam

    Why do I have to be such an averagely sized person whose late to the party!

  • Ros Hodgekiss

    Sorry about that, Adam – we’ve got limited amounts of each t-shirt size this time around, but we’ll be sure to make sure we have more shirts to give away in the future! Watch this space :)

  • Eugene

    I already send ur support many ideas in the last year. So send me 2 t-shirts without contest;)

  • Julian Wellings

    Done! Just placed order.
    Wasn’t sure what size to get (other than large which is my size) so I ordered 2xL. Is this 2 large t-shirts or some sort of Australian sizing system which means slightly bigger than L but not XL ? ;-)
    I’ll guess I’ll find out once it wends its way around the planet from Oz to the UK :-)

  • Ros Hodgekiss

    Eugene – A huge thank you, we’d give you 10 shirts if we could, stock levels pending ;)

    Hah, Julian – it’s one shirt, but in a size larger than XL. I hope you’re not disappointed! :D

  • Dano

    Thanks for the T.

    I guess i’m going to have to put on a lot of weight to fit into the 2XL or shrink the crap out of it. Anyone wanna swap for a large?

    PS. after all that I just realized i picked the wrong shirt. lol.

  • Mr Todd

    I am the campaign Monitor guy in the office, I really need a T-shirt to show the rest of the team who is in charge with the emails :)

  • Ros Hodgekiss

    Hey Mr Todd, that’s awesome! We’re flat out of shirts, but if you could kindly contact our team with your postal address and shirt size, I might be able to dig up one for you… Because you asked so nicely :)

    But that’s it – no more shirts! Stay tuned, as we’ll have more in the coming months. Many thanks for all the great feedback, we’ve got plenty to consider now :D

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