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Over the last couple of months we’ve been hard at work building a seriously talented design team at Campaign Monitor. We’re big fans of closed offices around here, but just as importantly we think that needs to be balanced with great spaces outside those offices.

So with the recent addition of James, Tim and Adham alongside Buzz and Matt, we wanted to create a new area where this team could work together in a common and open space. Fortunately we had the ideal spot right next to their offices, but it was the definition of uninspiring.

To fix that, we approached Beastman, one of the most distinctive emerging street artists in Sydney to transform a boring white wall into the complete opposite. The result was a stunning interpretation of our new identity in characteristic Beastman style. We put together a quick time-lapse of his handiwork below.

The crazy thing here is that the entire mural was done with nothing but aerosol cans and a steady hand, all in a single afternoon. We’re absolutely loving the new space and are planning on doing more of this in other parts of the office down the track.

  • Chris

    In ONE afternoon?! I thought that was over a few days!! Good work, the eyes are a little creepy though!

  • Patrick

    Way cool, you guys. What a great space to work in!

  • Jaruhd

    Nice one guys! Great to see such an awesome result for this project.

  • Jen McGahanq

    I like! Looks like a totem.

  • Adam Wilson

    Wow! How long did it take before the fumes die down and you can get some work done in there :)? Would love to see some detail pictures of the finished wall, or even with the office setup afterwards.

  • David Greiner

    @Adam, the work was done on a Saturday, so luckily for us all was fine by Monday. I can’t say the same for him unfortunately, he did so well to put up with the fumes considering we don’t have the greatest ventilation in that area.

    We’re still decking that area out furniture-wise, but I’ll make sure we add some more pics once that’s all wrapped up too.

  • Joel Moore

    Sick! Love Beastman’s stuff. I work on level 5 at ipac Sutherland. I wouldn’t mind doing some art for you guys some time.

  • David Greiner

    Joel, small world. Feel free to drop down to check out his work and tell us a little more about what you do. We’re planning on attacking more walls in here soon.

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