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Today I’m excited to announce that for the first time in our ten year history, Campaign Monitor has raised its first round of funding. We’ve just taken a $250 million investment from Insight Venture Partners, one of the most experienced tech investors in the world to help make the next ten years even more amazing than the last.

Times like these force you to look back to where it all started. It honestly feels like yesterday that Ben and I were running our own small design agency out of a spare room, building web sites and managing email campaigns for our clients. As an agency with fairly unique needs, it wasn’t long before we grew frustrated with the tools available to manage these campaigns, and eventually decided the only way to solve it was to build our own. It’s funny how small decisions like that can have such a big impact on your life.

The entire Campaign Monitor crew together for our annual meet-up in Hawaii in January

Today, Campaign Monitor has 65 employees across 19 cities and more than 100,000 paying customers in 170 countries. We’ve delivered billions of beautifully designed emails for the most amazing customers on the planet and have been growing at solid double digits annually every year for the last decade.

While all these numbers are great, the truth is that we’ve only come this far because of you. It still amazes me how many people that were willing to give us a try when we launched in 2004 are still using Campaign Monitor today, a full decade later. There aren’t a lot of SaaS businesses out there that can say that. There aren’t a lot of businesses that can say that full stop.

We’re also incredibly proud of our bootstrapping heritage. Being focused on running a profitable business from day one has given us the freedom to do things our own way, even if that’s in a completely different direction to most of our competitors. We’ve grown into the business we are today by focusing on what matters: building software that people love to use and making sure our customers have an amazing experience doing business with us. You guys – the people who read our blog, enjoy our content and use our product – have done the rest by spreading the word.

But the truth is, there’s so much more to be done. We want to make sure we continue to grow our team the right way and stay laser focused on building something that people will still love using a decade from today. Campaign Monitor is just getting started.

That’s why we’ve partnered up with Insight – a team we’ve built a relationship with over the last 5 years that have an amazing track record of helping companies we admire. These guys understand our dedication to building a great product and totally get the culture we’ve all worked so hard to create. As we grow from 65 to 165 people and beyond, we’ve now got the backing and wisdom of a partner that’s literally helped hundreds of software businesses before us.

Stay tuned for some very exciting product updates in the coming weeks too. The team has been working their buns off on some great stuff that we can’t wait to get into your hands.

Thanks for the last amazing decade, and here’s to the next one.

P.S. If you’re as excited as us about our future and want to be a part of it, we’re hiring and would love to hear from you.

  • Syed Alam

    We have plenty of great news in the industry like IBM acquisition of Silverpop.

    Congratulation folks.

  • Julian Wellings

    Great to read this David. Exciting time ahead!

  • Matthew Kammerer

    Congratulations, guys! Looking forward to another ten years.

  • Rishi

    wow that is amazing! Congrats

  • Jon Moss

    Great news, congratulations!

  • Keith Frankel

    Such amazing news; very happy for the entire CM team. Congratulations!

  • Richard

    It sounds like you activated the bomb. It might take a year, or five years until Insight wants its money and rent back. I assume we will hear about an acquisition then and how nothings is going to change. And then another year passes and there will be no Campaign Monitor.

    As one of the 100 000 paying customers I feel sad that it wasn’t enough.

    Thanks for a couple of great years!

  • Ros Hodgekiss

    Hi Richard, our team have selected a partner who has a good track record of helping develop businesses like ours. All of us here are very excited to be given the resources to tackle things that otherwise wouldn’t be possible – like building our presence internationally and expanding our app to better meet the needs of our customers – so I disagree that getting funded is a step in the wrong direction. Ultimately, the time came for us to step up our game and now, we’re really looking forward to making it happen. Hopefully we’ll give you a lot to be optimistic about in the years ahead.

  • Jon Livingston

    Congrats David and crew! I look forward to seeing you grow and wish you and your team the best.

  • Joolian

    Ros and guys – well deserved and keep up the great work.

  • woowoowoo

    Richard makes an interesting point above. I’m afraid I’ve never been involved in a business where ‘capital’ had a positive outcome for end users. That’s not to say it’s impossible, just take care ;-)

    Still, it’s good for ‘the business’ in the short term, so, congratulations are deserved.

  • Stuart @ Gleam.io

    Congrats guys!

  • Nicki

    Honestly, this struck fear in my heart when I read it – I hope it’s not investor-speak for “takeover,” with unpleasant consequences for those of us who know and love a company and its products. So, Ros et al, I want to give you my wholehearted congratulations, but it is worrisome (hope I’m wrong).

  • Sam Riley

    Good on you guys. Keen for any feedback you had from using ansarada for the deal. We love using your product over here.

  • Mike

    Congrats! You’ve built a great product and it’s amazing that you’ve self funded it this long.

  • Jonathan

    Congrats! Please don’t let this infusion of capitol go to your heads. You guys do a great job in your current configuration by being costumer focused. Please don’t change.

  • Ros Hodgekiss

    Thank you, everyone – hopefully it will reassure some of you to know that delivering very personal service always has been, and always will be a priority for us. These new resources will ensure that even as the app grows more sophisticated and more people use our service, we’ll be able to still have these one-to-one conversations via email, Twitter, the forums and even in blog comments. Myself and the rest of the support team here wouldn’t have it any other way.

  • Igor


  • Ben Harberts

    Great to see! Glad to have been able to support you for most of these last 10 years, keep up the good work and I look forward to seeing you shine with even more international swagger

  • Steve Tipson

    We’ve been on the journey with CM for at least 8 years, we were early adopters and as an agency CM have given the best product, service and a brilliant revenue stream. We can’t thank you enough or speak of you more highly.

    David, well done for getting investment, in my experience it is normally a sign that the founders are now looking to duck out and pursue other ventures, but I do hope not so as your guidance and direction has helped make the product be what it is today.

  • Kyle Racki

    I’ve been a long time fan (about 10 years) and am devoted to CM as my email marketing tool.

    Reading between the lines, it looks like you raised this round of investment to compete with Mailchimp which probably has a larger market share and is growing like crazy.

    But you guys always had the agency reseller market down. However it’s obviously smaller than the broad market Mailchimp has tapped into.

    My question is that with 100K customers and high profitability, why do you need $250K to grow? Can you not scale the team/customer base/product/marketing without it at your current size?

    And don’t VC’s want an exit within 3-5 years? That’s their game is it not? Why would they put in $250M without wanting a virtually guaranteed exit strategy.

    These are the questions I have… but it’s obviously not my business.

  • Tim

    Congratulations CM team!

    While I understand the reservations mentioned above by other customers, I do hope that some of the funds will head towards product development to help broaden your email functionaliy to other target customer groups.

    As software developers we currently need to work with 3 different email companies to get access to the features we need.
    E.g. Incoming email support with webhook notifications.
    These enable great email-discussion experiences when building helpdesk & collaboration products.

    Whatever you do, I’m sure it will be beautiful :)
    From a fellow Sydneysider, looking forward to great things!

  • David Greiner

    @Steve, thanks so much for amazing words – and don’t worry, Ben and I aren’t going anywhere. We’ve never been more excited about working on the future of CM.

    @Kyle, lots of speculation out there, but we know the best way to demonstrate our plans is to actually execute them and earn your respect and trust that way. We’ve got loads of cool product updates coming out soon, a busy roadmap and every intention of doing this for the long haul.

    @Tim, we agree there’s more of your email needs we could be covering, and am all pretty excited about expanding CM in the coming years to handle more of your email needs in a single, elegant app. Cheers.

  • Amy

    Hey Guys, fantastic news! We’ve supported CM from the start at our Australian design agency too. Your story resonates with us, we bootstrapped our own product (Email Signature Rescue) starting last year. We have a long way to go to get where you guys are but we wanted to let you know, you are all a big inspiration to us over here in SA and we hope you do really well!

  • David Greiner

    Thanks Amy, that’s crazy nice of you to say. If there’s ever anything we can do to help, don’t hesitate to reach out.

  • Jonathan


    But could I ask you to explain what “taken a $250m investment” actually means.

    Be careful though. You’re not in the software business any more, you’re in the expectations business, and that’s some mortgage you’ve just taken on.

    Good luck!

  • Alex

    Congratulations! We love you guys :)

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