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About four months ago, my co-founder Ben received an email from the Association of Surfing Professionals looking for feedback on the latest surfing world tour. At the time he was on his phone and in the middle of something. But as a passionate surfer, he wanted to help out and decided to take the quick survey. That’s when he pulled me over.

Asking for feedback is awesome, but the experience of taking a survey sucks. They’re almost always big, ugly forms that are poorly designed and look horrible on a mobile device. But the surfing tour survey looked amazing. It was beautiful, highly engaging and clearly built for mobile. Every little touch and interaction was well considered and felt just right. It was unlike any survey we’d seen before and so obvious that this was the future of asking for feedback.

That was our very first experience with GetFeedback. We get asked about surveys all the time – it’s consistently been one of the top requests from customers. For a long time we’d considered building our own survey tool because nobody seemed to be doing a good job of it. That all changed four months ago. Finally there was a survey tool that cared about the customer experience and sweated every detail.

Today, I’m insanely excited to announce that GetFeedback is now part of the Campaign Monitor family. To celebrate the announcement, we’re offering every Campaign Monitor customer a 25% discount on any annual or bi-annual GetFeedback plan if you sign up this month.

25% off Use the code LOVEGF when you sign up for 25% off any annual plan this month

Here’s a quick video of GetFeedback in action, but you should head on over to the site for all the details and to create your own account.

We’ve got loads of exciting plans to better integrate the two products in the coming months, but today I encourage everyone to check it out. I think you’ll quickly discover what we did a few months ago and finally start building surveys you’ll be proud to share with your audience.

This acquisition is also great news for GetFeedback’s awesome customers who now have access to our global support team and engineering resources to deliver more of the great features they’ve been asking for. We’re just getting started.

  • Wil

    My biggest issue with hosted survey platforms is the cost. They are just too pricey for most of my clients who tend to be small to medium size businesses. Most of these business want to send out a round or two of surveys once per year for quality certifications. There should be a lower price plan or a pay per response type fee with a base charge similar to the current campaign monitor platform.

  • William Allbrook

    I completely concur with Wil’s comment – one off charges are best

  • Breetel Graves

    Thanks for letting us know your thoughts on this @Wil and @William Allbrook I can see how that may be useful, for sure. I’ve added votes for a pay per response payment option on your behalves and we’ll definitely share your concerns with the whole team!

  • Andrew Mobbs

    I also agree with Wil’s comment. While 1 of my +40 clients would benefit from the Enterprise package, all the others would be looking for ad hoc billing options. Hopefully this is one of the things that you guys can help bring to the table to give clients options in the same way as you have for email distribution.

    I love the GetFeedback solution by the way. It really is incredible and I am excited to see how you guys integrate the two solutions in the future. Well done.

  • Breetel Graves

    Added your vote too, @Andrew, and thanks so much for the kind words! We’re really excited too :)

  • Chris

    I too have clients who may send out only 1 survey per year. Currently, they’re using other 3rd party solutions, but it would be GREAT if this was deeply integrated with the Campaign Monitor service people already know and love. There are other email marketing services that offer a built in survey tool to some degree, so that would make CM even more competitive.

  • Will C

    I agree with some of the points above on the pricing model. Some organisations may only conduct 1-2 surveys a year but to a wide audience such as a membership based organisation that is seeking feedback from its members. These are big-bang surveys with a high response rate in a short period of time. On average they would represent one of the lower plans. Can a pricing model be developed that works for those customers?

  • Mathew Patterson

    Thanks for the comments everyone! Just to be clear, GetFeedback does offer month to month plans which might suit:

    That would be a great fit for some of the examples above!

  • Myke

    Have to agree with all comments on pricing here. I think you may have priced yourselves out of the park. I use formstack which Includes conditional functionality for essentially the same price. Sure it involves more effort to style but its about function before form. Pardon the pun. :)

  • Myk

    Correction – Formstack is quite a bit more expensive.
    Looking forward testing GF.

  • Emmanuel Bellity

    Will & Andrew – this is a really interesting comment. It seems like since SurveyMonkey is the leader in the market and doing SaaS at ~300$/year, most of the competitors are doing the same. However many customers want to do surveys as a one-off thing and don’t always need a subscription. Recently I’ve made a pricing experiment on SurveyNuts where people could pay $9 – just once (no subscription) – to use our survey software. We had clearly more customers, but with such a low price you need A LOT of paying customers just to cover your costs. Which is why I’m not sure you can make a great product if this market without a SaaS model that helps getting to a good level recurring revenue. (For the moment we’re still free, but still thinking about this)

    Congrats to GetFeedback & CampaignMonitor for this deal. It’s awesome to see innovation in the space with tools such as GetFeedback or TypeForm who really care about user experience. With the resources of Campaign Monitor behind it will certainly fuel development.

  • Wayde Christie

    I for one am super-stoked for the team at Campaign Monitor. They’ve stood out in the market by continually improving their platform and regularly introducing high quality updates and world-beating features.

    I fully expect they will turn GetFeedback into the best looking, best performing, best value-for-money survey platform online, and I can’t wait to get amongst it.

  • Matt

    You can add another vote for ad hoc pricing! There is one industry that would benefit immensely. Students.

    I have a lot of friends that are doing post grad degrees, and surveying an audience group is an important part of their research. However products like survey monkey put restrictions on their freeware app that sometimes means compromising the survey to fit inside the maximum question limit.

    There might be an academic product here that includes distribution, surveying, and collation of results. Perhaps even allowing students to tap into the broader campaign monitor subscriber base to get a good cross section of the population.

    If you’re looking for a product manager to develop such a product, I’m all ears!

  • Rhys

    We’re always looking out for good survey/feedback tools. Like many commenters here wouldn’t use it enough to justify subscription, a pay as you go unbadged option would be perfect for us & many other small – medium size companies.

  • Sol

    Whilst this looks awesome, I am not sure I’m ready to move away from Google Forms which are comprehensive enough and are not restricted.

    If you could implement a pricing structure similar to CM that would suit me to give it a try and sell to my clients.

  • Ashley Porter

    Hey everyone!

    Thanks so much for your feedback regarding pricing. We definitely love hearing from you guys, and getting an idea of what you are looking for in our product.

    We are definitely as stoked as you are to make GetFeedback the best survey tool out there, :)

  • Anwar

    My clients would love to use this every now and then. So I’m also a beg fan of the ‘pay as you go’ solution.

  • Alastair

    GetFeedback sounds like a great idea, but I’m looking to use it for a small local charity. Month-by-month pricing just won’t work for us, but one-off paying would! Please could you consider adding this payment model?

  • Greg Strutton

    It’s definitely listed as a consideration Alastair and there are a few other votes from other users too.

    Keep the great feedback coming :)

  • Jeremy

    Pay-as-you-go pricing is what we all want.

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