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“Waking up everyday, to go to a place where work is enjoyable.”

When I interviewed some of the ladies in regards to the contributions they make, Shenny didn’t hesitate to tell me what she enjoyed about working at Campaign Monitor. Her sentiment made me feel fortunate to be surrounded by amazingly smart people, working together to not only build an awesome email marketing service, but also a positive team environment.

This Sunday, 8 March is International Women’s Day, so I thought I’d take the time to thank some of the awesome ladies that have been part of Campaign Monitor’s 10-year journey. As women account for roughly 30% of the company, we couldn’t feature everyone. Instead, here are the stories behind 5 women that have transformed the business in their own unique way.

Ros Hodgekiss, Design Community Manager

If you read this blog, you’ll know that since 2009, Ros has been sharing email marketing advice, both here, via the forums and other go-to industry guides. Named as a top email marketing and design thought leader, she identifies as an #emailgeek, works to help people send great email campaigns and communicates our values:

There are people in the design and marketing worlds who are passionate about our service – and yes, it’s important that they know we’re here to support them. However, regardless of whether you’re an industry chief, or just getting started with email, my job is to ensure that Campaign Monitor is a welcoming space for you.

Ros has also worked long and hard to ensure that we’re giving back to the community – with her help, Campaign Monitor sponsored 140 events and projects globally in 2014. On top of that, she’s also a volunteer for the American Red Cross, assisting not only people affected by disasters, but kittens, too. You won’t convince me this woman isn’t a superhero!

Shenny Mackie, Developer

With three years on our engineering team, Shenny’s work has improved every part of the Campaign Monitor experience for our customers. Just last year, she worked on a huge data migration as part of our list segmentation update. And while it initially looked as though it would be a long and fairly disruptive process, having our customers experience any trouble was simply out of the question, as far as Shenny was concerned:

I came up with a plan to migrate all of the segments in the production databases over the weekend, utilizing machines and several staff. As soon as we kicked it off, there was no going back – so it was quite scary. That said, it was a really cool feeling being there with the team. We were working on problems together and we had to do it right… After a long weekend of work, the migration of the segmentation data was successful, and old segments worked without a hitch.

Her organizational skills and critical-thinking, not to mention courage, have been essential to our engineering team. We can’t thank Shenny enough for applying a mix of calm, determination and serious problem solving skills to everything she does.

Davida Fernandez, Head of Support

It’s easy to recognize Davida’s everyday contributions, bringing both fun and order to our Support team. Almost 7 years ago, she became the 2nd remote Support person, which went on to grow into a much larger group that she fondly describes as “Support Pirates”. When I asked Davida what her proudest moments were at Campaign Monitor were, she didn’t hesitate to give me an answer:

Having my hard work recognized is such a big one. I’ve gotten the two promotions at Campaign Monitor, not because I was the most senior member or because I just blindly applied for it. It’s because I had worked really, really hard at what I was doing on a daily basis and had that work recognized.

That said, managing a distributed team comes with many challenges, especially around maintaining a sense of belonging, despite differences in time zones and geography. Thankfully, Davida recognized that providing excellent customer service is not just about responding to customers promptly, but supporting the team itself:

I turned my focus inward and made sure that individual team members were happy, healthy and getting their needs met. This was just as important as making sure that they were educated where they needed to be, or ensuring that nobody was falling behind, or feeling overwhelmed.

She began to put procedures in place to help the team be more cohesive and ensure that all employees have the same information when communicating with customers. In her words:

I’m not the type of person to speak up, but at Campaign Monitor I am – because the team listens, they value what I have to say. I’ve never received anything but a “thank you” for doing that.

Above all, Davida’s ability to stay focused on both the needs of her team and Campaign Monitor’s customers is what promoted her to heading our Support team globally.

Karen Clark, Sydney Office Manager

Karen’s influence can be felt throughout both Campaign Monitor’s Sydney and San Francisco offices. Though “Office Manager” is probably the most recognizable title you could give, it doesn’t adequately describe her work. For the last 7 years, Karen has picked up any task at Campaign Monitor that has needed doing. From bookkeeping to HR, employee on-boarding to transitioning to a new headquarters, Karen has guided the business every step of the way.

Starting in 2008 as the company bookkeeper, Karen worked three days a week, spending the rest of time with her young children. However, as the company grew, so Karen’s role expanded:

I’ve always been happy to do a variety of roles, because it’s kept my work interesting and I’ve learned so much.

As one of the first people to work at Campaign Monitor, she’s also helped shape the company and make decisions:

(Running a business) was new territory for all of us. It’s always been Dave and Ben are at the helm, but they’ve consistently been collaborative, asking for advice and opinions on how we should go down this road together. I think that collaborative spirit has really shaped our culture.

It’s hard to pick just one of Karen’s many contributions. For example, during our recent office move, Karen has organized everything from leasing our new headquarters, managing the fit-out, to making sure all our personal effects arrived safely. It’s undeniably been a massive effort, but somehow, Karen has made it seem effortless.

Jullietta Jung, Quality Assurance Lead

Jullietta (or Jules, as she’s more commonly called) leads Campaign Monitor’s Quality Assurance (QA) team. For the last 2 years, she’s made sure that we not only ship efficiently and reliably, but the end result is a product that our customers enjoy using.

Beyond being a coding and risk-identification expert, Jules’ strong people skills are what make her an excellent team leader. Her advocacy for work/life balance is unmatched, and she is consistently planning events for both her team and the company as a whole:

I make sure that the team has some sort of pow-wow before they kick off a project and at the end of it; there’s always a go-live lunch, party, or some sort of commemoration of what we’ve have been working on. It really gives everyone a sense of achievement, rather than feeling like we’re part of some code machine. As a manager, I’m also responsible for the ‘people aspect’ of our work.

Jules’ trust, friendship and spirit of collaboration within the engineering team also scales to a company-level:

We’ve got multiple product teams, so it’s important to make sure that everyone understands engineering and collaborative processes… But at the same time, it’s important to let people know that they have a life and should frame their work as a platform for facilitating their personal interests, as well.

Above all, Jules champions teamwork, camaraderie and Campaign Monitor’s inclusive culture, within the engineering team and beyond.

We’re better, together

There are so many smart and dedicated people working at Campaign Monitor, that naming just a few of them seems highly unfair. However, when interviewing all these wonderful women, a common theme was how empowering it is to be surrounded by an immensely talented team. Ultimately, it’s what’s made us a success since Day 1. Or as Ros put it:

Success is when I see (the team) really, really pumped and happy about what we’ve done – and knowing that it’s something we could have only achieved by working together.

And if you missed it, we are hiring and have roles open in our SF and Sydney locations, as well as to remote staff. Take a look – if you see yourself working on challenging projects on a diverse and rapidly-growing team, we’d love to hear from you.

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