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A few weeks ago, Campaign Monitor held a Girl Geeks event at our Sydney office. In preparation for this event, we interviewed women from our team, seeing if they felt they could have it all: a career, a family, work/life balance, social life, etc. The survey results were inspiring:

90% of Campaign Monitor women believe they can have it all, and
81% of the women interviewed believe they have it all right now.

From the beginning, Campaign Monitor has worked hard to provide a supportive, inclusive work environment. Providing generous benefits, hiring supportive management staff, and hosting amazing internal social events has created an atmosphere of camaraderie that helps our team grow and develop together in massively unique ways. In this way, we have created an environment where women are active contributors and leaders in our business.

March 8 marks International Women’s Day, a day to celebrate the social, economic, cultural and political achievement of women. To celebrate the achievements of women on our team, as well as around the world, we chose to share the stories of eight amazing women and how they’ve made Campaign Monitor rock.

Alla Arkhipova – Head of Accounting

Alla Arkhipova - Head of Accounting - Campaign Monitor

Being in a financial role, often Alla’s contributions could easily go under the radar, but the impact of her work can be felt across the board. Prior to her arrival, many of our procedures, from expenses to requests for time off, were manual efforts, making these procedures difficult for employees, who often had to dedicate a portion of their day to filling out forms or paperwork to get things taken care of. At Campaign Monitor, we have a set of five aspirational values that guide us. Alla is most inspired by our value of Do less but do it best, which led Alla to introduce tools, resources, and guidelines that made routine tasks easier for everyone

“I try to make the life of each employee easier – things they can see and feel in their everyday roles. And these efforts are making the lives of our management team easier too. Reports have become easier to close, and we are now able to get numbers to management much more quickly.”

Alla is also a huge contributor to our company culture and has amazing passion and drive for making the employee experience as good as possible.

“This work environment is precious to me. I try to follow all our five awesome values – they resonate with me. I’m delegating more complex tasks to my team so they can grow in their roles. We work together to identify changes we can make in our areas, and we then drive that change up to the top.”

These contributions are only the tip of the iceberg for someone in Alla’s position. Being the head of accounting, she has an endless to-do list, but the approach she takes to her work and her team makes it seem effortless. Her empathetic approach to accounting and our people has made her an amazingly effective leader in our company, and someone who is taking vast strides to create a culture of inclusiveness and growth in our team.

Carissa Phillips – Deliverability Support Lead

Carissa Phillips - Deliverability Support Lead - Campaign Monitor

For the past six years, Carissa has been part of our customer support team, often taking on challenges for customers that needed heavy investigation and time. Her willingness to take on tough questions with a shining and positive attitude has made her a wonderful addition to our high-performing support team.

Her knowledge in the vast world of email delivery has surpassed many in the field, and now, in her new role as Support Deliverability Lead, she helps our customers understand the steps that can be taken to improve their email results, and makes sure that this knowledge is shared with the company at large.

What Carissa really enjoys about working at Campaign Monitor is her ability to give her customers 100% every time.

“For my entire time at Campaign Monitor, we have really thought to treat others the way we wanted to be treated… I can give them really specific advice to improve the life of their team, and hopefully that trickles down into their families and home lives. I can be a real step in bettering someone else’s life and that’s why I love customer support.”

Clare Vivarelli – Product Manager

Clare Vivarelli - Product Manager - Campaign Monitor

Our engineering team has grown over the past year, and with this growth came the necessity to have people at the helm of our product – understanding our customers’ needs and prioritizing projects and updates based on their feedback. Clare became one of these people, joining our team as a Product Manager eight months ago.

Clare has truly stood out as an advocate for our customers. In her role, she is consistently looking at how to make things easier and create better experiences for our users. From creating a Magento integration with pre-packaged segments to building better ways to manage email contacts, Clare, and her teammates have sought to make the customer experience amazing.

“This job is all about understanding how we can make a really delightful product that our customers enjoy and want to come back and use again and again!”

Clare loves the value Care About Why and keeps it top of mind when approaching her work.

“I look at the ‘whys’ to make sure we are making the best impact and providing the most value for what is really important to customers.”

Clare is an unstoppable force when she’s ready to take on a project and lucky for her, she has a great team ready to help her achieve success. For her, the highlight of working at Campaign Monitor is being surrounded by her teammates.

“I work alongside such strong, confident, smart people, and sometimes that can be intimidating. But they always have your back and are always pushing, inspiring, and supporting you. It just makes a world of a difference.”

Georgie Luhur – Front End Web Developer

Georgie Luhur - Front End Web Developer - Campaign Monitor

To provide a brilliant customer experience, you need designers and developers who will sweat the small stuff. For Georgie, no detail is spared as she approaches her job as a front end web developer. As part of our email builder team, she gets great joy from knowing when little things go a long way for our customers.

“There’s this new feature in the email builder called ‘recent colors,’ where colors you previously used in a recent email get saved, and you can click on these squares to use them again. Customers can then use these colors again in their campaigns with ease. At the time, I thought ‘oh, I just made some squares,’ but people are loving it! We can see that tons of people are using this feature and are enjoying it. It’s really cool.”

Beyond sweating the details, Georgie has really enjoyed growing with her team. As a front end developer, she’s working with many coding languages and expanding her skills as she works on projects.

More recently, Georgie has been sharing her skill set with wider audiences, contributing at conferences and giving talks. At our recent Girl Geeks event, Georgie gave a talk about women following their own path.

“Sometimes working in this industry, you hear that ‘development is for boys’ or ‘that is not a good career choice,’ and you get discouraged from doing what you want. I explored a lot of career options before deciding I wanted to be a front end developer, and I chose it because I liked it. I just want to send a positive message to people, and push them to do what they want to do. I love my job.”

Georgie’s continually looking for ways to encourage women to pursue jobs in technology and urges other women to attend events like Girl Geeks and other tech conferences. With this in mind, she resonates with the value Make Mum Proud, as she sees it as a rallying cry in our company for teamwork and inclusiveness, allowing everyone to thrive in our workplace.

Heather Noonan-Hargroves – Global Head of Compliance

Heather Noonan-Hargroves - Global Head of Compliance - Campaign Monitor

Since starting at Campaign Monitor three years ago, Heather has changed the way our company and our customers view compliance.

“I have an abundance of empathy and an inherent need to help others. Compliance is a scary word, and my team and I work very hard to dispel any negativity associated with that. We continually strive to help customers achieve successful campaigns and build engaged subscriber lists that don’t damage our customers’ brands – providing an email program that their subscribers look forward to every time.”

Rather than booting a customer off of our platform for one mistake, Heather has built a culture in her team where they can build trusting relationships with our customers and help them create better email programs that comply with global email policies. Fostering this type of supportive, considerate space is no easy feat, and Heather has done this by building a team who sees the value in what they’re adding to the customer experience, and helping them grow in their own roles.

With this attitude, it’s no surprise that Heather’s favorite value is Care About Why.

“Ultimately, if you have no interest in why something is happening – to your customer, to your team, or to your company – you are not being empathetic to the needs of others. I love explaining the ‘whys’ to our customers – teaching them the value of anti-spam efforts, and I love finding out what’s important to them, as well!

Kate Dermody – Employee Success

Kate Dermody - Employee Success - Campaign Monitor

There’s no denying that Kate contributes to our team in a way that no one else could. As part of our kitchen staff, Kate helps us keep our office and kitchen spaces clean and tidy, as well as keeping our drink fridges well stocked. She takes a lot of pride in her work, and always works to complete her tasks with perfection. But beyond her work, Kate inspires our entire office to think differently every day. As Karen Clark, our Head of Employee Experience, puts it:

“Our staff are able to continue to focus on what they do best thanks to Kate’s work, making her a massive asset to our company. But Kate’s contribution to our office is far more than her daily duties. Having Kate on our staff reminds all of us that people with disabilities can contribute meaningfully in a business and in the wider community.”

Kate’s favorite part of working at Campaign Monitor is her co-workers.

“The people make me feel good. I feel great at Campaign Monitor. I am part of a team of awesome people.”

And the feeling is mutual. While Kate rounds the office, she makes an effort to say “hi” to each person she meets. She has a genuine interest in the people she works with and is eager to tell stories about her life and hear about ours.

Outside of work, Kate has represented Australia in the Special Olympics for the past twenty years, participating as a gymnast, a swimmer, and most recently, in bocce. In 2013, Kate represented Australia in the Asia Pacific Games, winning a bronze medal in singles bocce.

Kate works hard every day to live our value Make Mum Proud by doing excellent work and caring about each and every employee. Her contributions to our team the past few years have helped us stay focused and successful, and having her be part of Campaign Monitor is an amazing privilege.

Rachel Mozenter – Account Executive Manager

Rachel Mozenter - Account Executive Manager - Campaign Monitor

As our team grew, it became clear we needed a dedicated crew to help new customers understand if Campaign Monitor was the right fit for their business. We began to build a new department within Campaign Monitor – our sales team. To lead this team, we needed people who were willing to understand our product and our customers. Rachel came ready to take on these challenges and proved herself as an inspiring leader.

“When I came aboard, we were figuring out how the sales team would operate within the company. I would call people as they were evaluating the product and try to understand their needs. It was so cool to talk to people who knew about our product and were excited to talk to someone about how we could fit their needs.”

Rachel used these conversations to not only help operationalize the sales team as it grew to 13 people ready to help prospective customers learn more about our product, but to help our product team understand the features and integrations that our customers and prospects were looking for.

“We are able to get new perspective that the company hadn’t had before – not just from people who found our product and thought it was a good fit, but from people broadly looking for an email service provider, and what they liked about it.”

Rachel created feedback loops for our company to share this knowledge and help shape our product moving forward. Thanks to Rachel, our sales team is not just here to meet quotas, but to help by sharing perspectives and make sure our customers are well taken care of.

Rachel chose Create the change you want as her favorite value, and it’s no surprise that this value comes to life in all the work she does, as she continues to coach and mentor her team to be active contributors to the company.

“I have the curiosity and the drive to build something outside just myself and my personal contribution, and I like that we’re all working together to create the change we want in the company and in the market.”

Sateja Parulekar – Product Marketing Manager

Sateja Parulekar - Product Marketing Manager - Campaign Monitor

As an email marketing company, it made sense that we venture out and market our product. As we’ve grown, we’ve had the opportunity to expand our marketing team and flex this muscle. That being said, we needed people on the team who understood our message, were willing to get into the nitty gritty of our features and wanted to help us reach new and existing customers in the best ways possible. Enter Sateja.

With just over a year under her belt at Campaign Monitor, Sateja has brought her unique technical background to our marketing team. With a BA in computer science and background as an engineer, she doesn’t veer away from getting her hands dirty before a launch, helping us take a very Campaign Monitor-esque approach to marketing. As she explains

“I really like getting into the weeds with the product and engineering teams and figuring out how things work to help solve customer problems… I’m always curious, like, ‘Why are we doing this?’ If you want to figure out how to message something, you need to have a good understanding of why we’re building things in our product.”

Her willingness to go neck-deep into our product, as well as her unabashed love of working with the teams at Campaign Monitor to produce amazing results, has helped her be part of multiple successful product launches in her short tenure at Campaign Monitor.

When asked what her favorite Campaign Monitor value is, Sateja had no hesitation in saying Create the change you want.

“This is what’s awesome about the company. Whether you’re an individual contributor or the CEO, if you have an idea and think it will make lives easier, your idea is heard and respected. There’s a lot of initiatives that come from the bottom up and make our company a better place to work.”

As our company continues to grow, Sateja is really looking forward to the year ahead. She played a killer role in helping our team learn the power of marketing last year, and she sees this year as a chance for a lot of innovative work. We can’t wait to see the work that she and the rest of the awesome people on the team bring to life!

Wrap up

We think Clare summarizes it best:

“I think this is probably the first company I’ve ever been at where there are so many other totally inspiring, kick-ass women that I get to work with. We’re really creating an environment where women are empowered, supported, and capable of doing anything. I think that’s unreal.”

And while we couldn’t feature all the amazing women we work with, Clare is absolutely right. Campaign Monitor is full of massively inspiring people, both men, and women, working together to create both a great product and an epic work environment.

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