The Cats of Campaign Monitor


At Campaign Monitor, we love to celebrate our customers and our team. In honor of National Cat Day, we are featuring some of the furriest members of the team. We think they make the puurrfect companions for our hardworking crew. Let’s meet a few of them. 

Loki & Erwin

Our favorite activity is: Sitting on our human’s laptop while he tries to work
What we love most about email marketing is: Campaign Monitor is the purrrfect solution for creating beautiful looking emails.
Our celebrity crush is: Lorde


My favorite activity is: Eating
What I love most about Campaign Monitor & GetFeedback is: Both products are accessed through a computer, so every time your human logs in to use them is another opportunity for you to take a nap on the keyboard.
My celebrity crush is: The “I can has cheezburger” cat.

Bitsi & Bear-di

Our  favorite activity is: Lounging above the kitchen cupboards eyeing the dogs.
What we love most about Campaign Monitor is: We love the email builder, because it makes it really easy to build campaigns with plenty of links to cute cat videos.
Our celebrity crush is: Matt Damon

Chooch, short for Choochimus Prime, and Maude, short for Maude-atron

Our favorite activity is: Chooch enjoys dreaming of one day becoming a real boy, laying between his human and her computer, meowing passionately until you pet him, and rubbing his face aggressively against anything nearby (your leg, the chair, a glass of water). Maude enjoys belly rubs, playing fetch, kicking Chooch’s butt, stealing pastries, and snuggling.
What we love most about Campaign Monitor and GetFeedback is: That Campaign Monitor and GetFeedback are so easy to use you don’t even need thumbs! (But boy, oh boy, Chooch sure does wish he had thumbs.)
Our celebrity crush is: Matt Damon

Scott Summers

My favorite activity is: pushing random items off of tables and countertops. Pencils, TV remotes, coasters. No item is safe from my swiping.
What I love most about Campaign Monitor is: How easy it is to share cat videos in an email with the new video in email feature.
My celebrity crush is: Famke Janssen


My favorite activity is: Jumping at imaginary things
What I love most about Campaign Monitor is: Sending animated cat GIFs in the drag and drop email builder.
My celebrity crush is: Nala from the Lion King

Wrap up

We hope you enjoyed a few of our favorite furry team members. We think they exhibit purrfect catitude and we aren’t kitten around.

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