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Campaign Monitor is pleased to announce that we have been named one of the winners of the 2018 NEXT Awards.

This event “celebrated the rebels, visionaries, and game changers who have made a significant impact on the economy in Middle Tennessee,” according to the Nashville Entrepreneur Center who presented the awards. The Nashville Entrepreneur Center—one of only nine Google for Startups Tech Hubs located in North America—is dedicated to making Nashville one of the best places in America to create, launch and grow a business by connecting entrepreneurs with the critical resources they need.

Campaign Monitor won the Technology Market Mover Award in recognition of all our work as a global software-as-a-service company based out of Nashville, TN, a city with a burgeoning tech and start-up community.

Though we have offices in London, Sydney, Indianapolis, and San Francisco as well, Nashville—home to the original Emma office—is quickly becoming known for its invigorated tech scene as more and more companies are putting down roots in the city. Emma was one of the first and is often referred to as Nashville’s “tech darling.”


NEXT Awards

Source: NEXT Awards

Now that Campaign Monitor’s main offices have moved to Nashville, Campaign Monitor is poised to be a leader of the tech industry in Middle Tennessee as it continues to grow and expand in the near future. In fact, $1.9 billion has been invested in startups in Tennessee since 2012, with software-as-a-service companies—of which Campaign Monitor is one of the biggest—receiving the highest number of investments in 2017, according to a report from BIP-Capital.

The Campaign Monitor CEO, Wellford Dillard, accepted the Technology Market Mover Award on behalf of the company. “We’ve got a lot more acquisitions coming down the road,” Wellford said, pointing to even greater growth for Campaign Monitor in the near future. And as a result, “we’re moving a tremendous amount of jobs to Nashville while keeping our offices open around the world, too.”

Wellford Dillard at the NEXT awards

Source: NEXT Awards

Campaign Monitor might be making a splash in Nashville, but we remain a global company dedicated to our customers around the world and pride ourselves on our ability to give the best, round the clock customer support to all of them.

It’s an exciting time to be a part of Campaign Monitor, and we feel this award is indicative of all the great things to come for our company.

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