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As an email marketer, it can be difficult to see if your content is attracting the right audience. With the number of ways you can cultivate loyal subscribers, it’s important to know what works for your business and how to make more informed decisions to get the most out of email.

Are you optimizing the right channels to acquire new subscribers? Are you then engaging those subscribers in the right way, ensuring they stay loyal for longer?

With our most recent enhancement to Insights, you can now visualize your list strategy with the Subscribers Over Time graph, ensuring your lists are heading in the right direction.

Introducing Subscribers Over Time

You’ve placed your signup forms. You’ve enhanced (and enhanced again) your welcome messages. And maybe you’ve been sending personalized campaigns to different segments. But it’s still easy for marketers to wonder, “Are these strategies keeping my audience engaged?”

The new Subscribers Over Time feature will give you the framework to answer that question.

With Subscribers Over Time, there’s no more guesswork about the health of your list growth. You can now visualize the impact of your initiatives on subscriber count for each list to see if you’re attracting the right subscribers in the right ways, and if your content strategy is keeping them engaged.

How to see Subscribers Over Time

We’ve enhanced the Insights page to showcase your list’s subscriber count over time. While viewing Insights, you’ll see an aggregate view of subscribers in every list. This view shows you how your overall program is growing (or declining) in a single chart, so you can make informed decisions to maintain or change your strategy.

how to view your list of subscribers over time on Campaign Monitor

If you prefer to dig deeper, you can drill down into a specific list.

By reviewing individual lists, you’ll get a sense for which lists are growing faster than others, finding opportunities to spread effective approaches to other list strategies. And, if you notice certain lists are declining, you can shift your tactics by testing email frequency or the type of content you send.

You also have the ability to insert a custom date range to examine time frames like a weekly, monthly, or quarterly view. Need to go further than the graph? Quickly and easily export your findings to view the raw data.

Keep your subscribers engaged.

While the size of your list is a key metric, audience engagement is crucial for impactful email marketing. Ultimately, you want to make sure you’re optimized not just for growing your lists, but making sure the subscribers you attract are consistently opening and engaging with your emails.

Campaign Monitor offers tools to help with continuous engagement. In addition to monitoring your Subscribers Over Time trends, you can use our re-engagement email templates (available to you in the email builder) to re-engage those subscribers that seem to be slipping away.

Our Premier plan offers analysis one level deeper. Pre-built engagement segments help you identify your subscribers based on their levels of engagement, from active to completely inactive. You can then use these segments to trigger an automated re-engagement journey.

Keeping your subscribers engaged is key to maximizing the return on your investment. And with Insights, segmentation, and easy-to-use automation, Campaign Monitor provides the tools marketers need to consistently attract and retain engaged subscribers.

Learning and adapting your list growth strategy

The Subscribers Over Time graph can help you make more informed decisions when it comes to your email marketing strategy.

It’s a starting point to help you investigate issues in your growth and engagement strategy while also highlighting your successes. This graph can help you pinpoint certain events that impacted your lists as well as identify overarching trends to see if there are opportunities that are worth further exploration. Subscribers Over Time can help you make better decisions and gain a bigger return on email marketing.

Wrap up

The new Subscribers Over Time analytics are available for all Campaign Monitor plan types. Navigate to the Insights page and click on the Lists report to check it out for yourself!

Also, as mentioned in this post, Engagement Segments are available as an upgrade in the Premium plan.

Our team at Campaign Monitor is dedicated to building smart solutions that help you drive engagement and loyalty through email marketing. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our support team!

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