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Designing Effective Notification Emails

Early last year we released a highly requested new feature, subscriber notification emails. This feature…

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Email Redesign Part 3: The Results

In the third and final post on our Email Redesign series, we’ll be looking into…

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Email Redesign Part 2: Designing for Mobile, Bulletproof Buttons and More

In the second installment of our Email Redesign series, we look at some of the…

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Email Redesign Part 1: A Distributed Team’s Workflow and the Definition of Done

In the first of a 3-part series on our recent email newsletter redesign, we look…

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Designing iOS7 Style Icons

I recently took on the job of updating the iconography for our mobile app –…

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Yoda, Our Support Team’s Most Powerful Ally

When Campaign Monitor was new and our support staff really put the “i” in “team”…

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Putting the Mo’ into Monitor

This November, more than a third of the Campaign Monitor team are putting their razors…

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Beastman does Campaign Monitor

Over the last couple of months we’ve been hard at work building a seriously talented…

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How Can We Improve? Let Us Know and Score a T-Shirt!

Something about Campaign Monitor that you would like to see improved? Let us know and…

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Today’s Downtime Explanation

For around 50 mins today the Campaign Monitor platform wasn’t available to all customers. Here’s…

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Your Feedback & Our Support Team

Your feedback, suggestions and questions are a huge part of how Campaign Monitor is continually…

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