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Re-igniting the Giving Back Program

Do you organize a web design or development oriented event? Let us help with beer,…

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Looking for a Compliance Specialist

We’re looking for the right person to join our remote customer support team as a…

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The Importance of Standing out in the Job Market

We recently went searching for two new designers to join the Campaign Monitor team. This…

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A Peek behind Our Design and Development Process

Take a look behind the scenes at the development process at Campaign Monitor. See how…

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2010 Holiday Email Competition: A Cozy Christmas Choice!

We immediately warmed to the winning email announcement in this year’s design competition.

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Designing the New Campaign Monitor iOS Icons

One of my first icon projects for Campaign Monitor was to create a set of…

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We Take Ping Pong Seriously around These Parts

Back in 2006, after growing Campaign Monitor from a side project to a sustainable business,…

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How Our Support Team Works from Home (and Stays Sane)

Find out how Campaign Monitor’s support team works from locations around the world, learn our…

Blog Post

James and Stephen Join the Campaign Monitor Team

Meet the two newest people to join the Campaign Monitor team. James, in our QA…

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The Support Team That Never Sleeps

Read all about the evolution of our customer support team and the tools we use…

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An End-Of-Year Party to Rule Them All

I was looking outside the window of our 6-person helicopter, trying to rationalize what was…

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