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Connecting with Campaign Monitor

We’re always looking for new ways to connect with all you guys and girls who use Campaign Monitor – in our business it is easy for us to never hear from you at all, let alone actually meet and connecting with you. Although you have told us we have a great support team, it would be disappointing if the only time we got to connect was when something had gone wrong! So we always keep an eye out for other ways to get your feedback, share ideas and suggestions and just have a bit of fun. Part of that is attending web conferences like Web Directions and Web Visions, excellent environments to catch up in. We’ll be at Web Directions South in Sydney too, definitely come find us if you are attending. Some other options for connecting with us individually or as a company: Follow CampaignMonitor on Twitter Read the occasional Freshview blog post to find out about the team Be a fan of Campaign Monitor on Facebook The idea is that the more ways web designers have to interact with us, the more likely we’ll be to understand what you all need from Campaign Monitor and Freshview now and in the future. As an added incentive, we’ll be giving away some cool prizes in the next few months to people using all these different ways of getting in contact, and you’ve got to be in it to win it!

Blog Post

Want to Work for Campaign Monitor?

It’s been a busy year for the Freshview team, which I guess can happen with more than 1,500 new customers signing up to our apps each month. Still, I think we’ve managed pretty well for a full-time team of 5 (there were 3 of us less than 6 months ago). The job’s never done though, and we’ve got some pretty big ideas on how we can make Campaign Monitor and MailBuild loads better. To do that, we need to find more super talented people to join our team. As of today, we’ve got 3 new positions available at the Freshview office in Sydney, and a fourth available for someone to help out from the US or Canada. For those interested, you can read a little more about what it’s like working for us and check out the official lineup below: Quality Assurance Engineer Senior .NET Developer System Administrator US/Canada Based Customer Support Legend None of these are incredibly urgent and we’re a pretty fussy bunch, but we’re putting them out there now realizing we might not find the perfect person overnight. If you think you’re a good match or know anyone who might be interested, please let us know.

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