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We’re Hiring: Web Interface Designer

One of the biggest benefits of selling software for designers is, well, we get to know lots of designers. Today I’m hoping that pays off as we open up our first ever pure design role at Freshview. We’re looking for an interface designing guru to join our Sydney team and help make our products look great and a pleasure to use. We’ve put together a page on the Freshview site about the position itself, with a basic overview of our design approach. You can also check out what it’s like working here and read more about our recent office upgrade. This position is only available in our Sydney office, but we’re more than happy to relocate the right candidate. We recently moved 2 new members of our team from North America, so if you’re interested in moving to sunny Sydney, please consider applying. Other recent hires While we still have a number of positions open, I’m excited to announce four new members have been added of the Freshview team in the last month or so. This includes Toby and Phil to our development team, along with Travis and Diana on the support and community side. Travis is heading over from Canada, while Diana will be our first team member based in the US full-time. Our shiny new offices are filling with great people fast!

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Freshview at Webstock in February

Next month, in New Zealand’s Silicon Welly, there will be a gathering of designers, developers and assorted web nerds at Webstock 2008. There’s a great lineup of speakers, including Dan Cederholm, Jason Santa Maria and Fresvhiew favourite Kathy Sierra, so it should be a fantastic event. I’ll be there to enjoy it, and since I know a lot of you guys are from New Zealand, it would be a great chance to meet some of you. So if you are going to be attending Webstock, we’d love to hear from you and try to arrange some kind of meetup. Leave a comment or fire through an email to let me know! There’ll be Campaign Monitor shirts to be had, and an opportunity to really sell me on that great feature idea you have. In our business we often never meet the people who use Campaign Monitor and MailBuild every day, so we’ll try to make the most of the opportunity. I’m looking forward to it already!

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Behind the Scenes at the Freshview Office

I don’t know about you but I always love getting a peek into how other people work. It’s always interesting seeing the real space people are spending their time in at the other end of the pipe. I recently put together a post on the Freshview blog about our new office space and why we approached it the way we did. It won’t make you a better designer or email marketer, but will definitely give you a sneak peek behind the scenes at the people working hard to make Campaign Monitor the best email tool for designers. On top of the voyer value, many of our customers are also growing software and other web-related companies. The post goes into a little detail about how we’ve tried to create the best environment possible for developers, and what the results have been so far. Hopefully some of the lessons we’ve learned over the years can come in handy at your end too. If anyone has photos of their own workplace, make sure you share them in the comments. If you like the way we do things and feel the need to experience sunny Sydney, we’ve still got 4 positions open right now.

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Building the Ultimate Office for Software Developers

Read all about our new office fit-out, and why we think closed offices are the…

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Want to Work for Freshview?

After just completing a mammoth office fitout and a big move into more space, we’re looking for a number of new people to join the Freshview team. This is a pretty cool opportunity for anyone interested in shaping the future of 2 award winning (and much-loved) web applications used by tens of thousands of fellow designers. I like to think we offer a pretty awesome work environment – free catered lunches, near the beach, private offices, and lots of other fun stuff. We’ve been holding out on making this announcement until the move into our shiny new premises was complete, but now we’re all settled and really need some more hands on deck. Here are the new positions we’ve opened up: Designer and customer support legend System Administrator Senior Developer Mid-level tester Office Manager/Bookkeeper If you’re interested, we’ve written a little about what it’s like working at Freshview. If you’re not a good match but know someone who is, please help us out by passing the position on to them. All of these positions are for our Sydney office, but if you’re the right match and interested in moving to sunny Sydney, we’d be happy to sponsor you. It’s actually a pretty easy process these days – just ask Bob, our new QA Engineer who we moved here from Canada.

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The Email Standards Project Website

We’ve just launched the splash page for the new Email Standards Project website at email-standards.org, which is the future location of a lot of news and resources relating to our push for consistent, reliable web standards support for email. You can enter your email address to be notified when the full site launches, sometime in November. If you’d like to help out with the Email Standards Project, then watch the blog here, and join the Facebook group because we’ll be suggesting some ways you could contribute. Visit the Email Standards Project website.

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Downtime Notice

Over the last few days we have been implementing a brand new load balancing system for both Campaign Monitor and MailBuild to keep things purring along even faster and add another layer of redundancy to our network. Unfortunately, a change related to that upgrade last night unexpectedly caused a problem that meant some of you guys were unable to access your campaigns or import new ones over a period of several hours. First things first, these errors did not affect any of your sent campaigns, reporting or subscribe forms, so your subscribers wouldn’t have noticed a thing. As soon as the issue was spotted our team resolved it. Please accept our sincere apologies for this unacceptable outage, we certainly understand how frustrating this would have been for many of you. Thanks also to the many customers who were kind enough to bring this to our attention as soon as they spotted it, we appreciate it.

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Email Standards: Join Our Facebook Group

Right now we’re working on the new website for the email standards push that kicked off recently. That site will include a section on how you as a web designer can get involved and help improve the situation. One simple step you can take right now, if you are a Facebook user, is to join our Email Standards Project Facebook Group. It’s a really fast and easy way for you to show some support for what we are all trying to do, and it will also help us connect with people who might be helpful. The recently crowned King of Web Standards, Jeffrey Zeldman, has joined already, saying “I hope all standardistas on Facebook will join in this effort”. We’d love to see you there. Join the Email Standards Project group on Facebook.

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eBay and Campaign Monitor Join Forces to Reduce Phishing Emails at Yahoo! Mail

Ever get those nasty emails telling you that you need to verify your PayPal details, or someone has a question about something you’re selling on eBay? The email looked legit enough, so you followed the link and logged into your account, only to find that a phisher has just stolen your account details. Phishing is an incredibly serious problem and Yahoo! took a great step forward today by officially blocking all eBay and PayPal email that isn’t signed with DomainKeys. As a customer ours, eBay teamed up with us to ensure they were taking advantage of our recently launched email authentication tool so all of their emails sent with Campaign Monitor would arrive safely in the inbox of their subscribers using Yahoo! Mail. The great news is that Yahoo! will continue to roll out this approach for other major targets of phishing scams, such as banks. Kudos to Yahoo! for enforcing this and protecting their customers from the scammers of this world. Let’s hope the other ISPs see the value in this and follow suit. This acts as another reminder of the increasing importance of email authentication. It only takes a few minutes to do for each domain you send email for – here’s a quick walkthrough of exactly how you can set it up for yourself and your clients.

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Scheduled Maintenance Late Saturday Night through Sunday Morning

Apologies for the short notice, but we’ll be taking the Campaign Monitor application offline for a total of 8 hours between 8.30pm this Saturday night and 4.30am Sunday morning (US Central time – see this in your own time zone) to make some key hardware upgrades and add some additional layers of redundancy to both Campaign Monitor and MailBuild. Don’t worry, the maintenance will have zero impact on your subscribe forms or campaign tracking, everything will purr along as usual – you just won’t be able to log into your account. If you’ve scheduled any campaigns to be delivered in this time-frame, they’ll be sent as soon as the application is back online. Update: The updates have been completed successfully and as of 12.30am we’re back online. Thanks for your patience everyone.

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Campaign Monitor at the Future of Web Design

In early November, I will be speaking at the Future of Web Design conference in New York, alongside such noted HTML email lovers as Mr Zeldman :) The conference website has me speaking on ‘Good Practices in Newsletter/Email Design ‘, but that is a broad topic, and it is early days yet. We would love to hear from you about what you think the presentation should cover, what it should not cover and what the backup singers should be wearing. Would it be valuable or even practical to cover specifics of implementing HTML in email? Would we be better off working on convincing more designers to take it seriously? Or some other approach entirely? We’ve create a new topic in the forum – jump in and share your thoughts.

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Campaign Monitor Tees – Flaunt the Nerd Within!

It’s been a long wait but the Campaign Monitor t-shirts have finally arrived. A big thanks to everyone who voted and left comments in our quick survey. We had hundreds of votes cast and decided to go with the top 3 designs as voted by you. Once the tally was complete, we hired designer Trent Agnew to turn your ideas into a thing of beauty. We’re super happy with the results and are pretty confident you guys have helped produce the coolest email nerd shirts the world has ever seen. Without further adue, the winners are… <!– –>Security! by Mark Brownlow Receiving almost half the total votes, a big congratulations goes to Mark Brownlow from Email Marketing Reports for the winning tagline. Not only does he have one of the best email blogs on the web, but turns out he’s damn funny too! We’ll be sending Mark a copy of each shirt along with some other cool prizes. <!– –>The Counter by Jason Dancisin Coming in at second place was Jason Dancisin’s simple but effective “This shirt has been viewed 4782 times”. We instantly loved this one and were glad to see it voted in. We’re sending Jason a copy of each shirt, the awesome SitePoint email marketing kit and loading his account with some free email credits. <!– –>I’m single by our own Mat Patterson Someone in the office thinks they’re pretty clever! We were stoked to see Mat’s early design we used when begging you guys for help come in at third place. Here’s the redesigned version. The final voting tally For those of you that made the final round but missed out on getting printed, thanks again for the hilarious suggestions. Here’s a pretty graph showing the vote counts for the top 10 designs our team selected. Finally, we’re still overwhelmed with the response we’ve had to this and are so glad we could involve you all in the process. There are two things we’ve taken away from this. Our customers are damn funny. Penis jokes are alive and well. Moving forward, we plan on sending a shirt to anyone who makes it into the design gallery and any customers who we spot doing something special with Campaign Monitor or helping out in our forums. Grab your own copy We’ve set up a small online store where you can check out the shirts in more detail and grab one in your own size. On a side note, the store was built in less than a day with the awesome Shopify – one of the most impressive web apps I’ve used in a long time. Head on over to the store and flaunt the email marketing nerd within.

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