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As you (and probably your wallet) know, this is the season for giving, as well as reflecting. So while the tinsel gets taken down for yet another year at Campaign Monitor -sponsored Xmas events like WebBlast Sydney, let’s look at some of the events we’ve supported via our Giving Back Program and hopefully, get you involved in the year ahead.

Our Giving Back Program has supported dozens of web design and development events for close to three years now, plus offered free accounts to select email senders. So if you’re running an event in the new year that you think could benefit from pizza, beer, a tweet-out and free email credits on us, it’s a great time to get in touch.

What kind of events do you support?

Since our first event in 2009, Campaign Monitor have powered our email newsletters and helped cover our running costs. We don’t advertise, so it’s only through word-of-mouth and email that we can spread the news. We wouldn’t be able to run Ignite Sydney without their support.
– Stephen Lead, Ignite Sydney

Our Giving Back Program is all about returning the favor to the web designers and developers who have stood by us since Campaign Monitor’s humble beginnings back in 2004. Since the Program’s launch, we’ve had the pleasure of getting behind events that resonate with us and our customers, including Semi-Permanent and both Refresh and Ignite internationally. We even power newsletters for SXSW And attend!

That said, you don’t have to run a high-profile conference to qualify – smaller design-focused gigs like BAMMD and user groups like EEUK very regularly get a hat-tip from us.

How can I get involved?

If your event could benefit from a free Campaign Monitor account, a modest bar tab (like our friends at the Portsmouth Freelancers Meet, pictured) or email credits as a door prize, let us know and we’ll be sure to give it a look. We’re especially keen to visit your website and get the lowdown on previous events, so be sure to pass on those details, too.

Finally, a huge thanks to everyone who has invited us to support their gathering, or attended an event that we sponsored this year. As the Giving Back Program continues to gain momentum, we’re looking forward to enlivening more design nights, dishing out more pizza and giving more to people like you.

We’re keen to explore other meaningful ways we can give back to the web community, so if you have a suggestion as to how we can make a positive impact on what you do, from providing more design resources, to getting the word out about your design meetup, pop us a line, or let us know in the comments below. All of us here are looking forward to making 2012 an awesome one for you and your clients!

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