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This morning we were lucky enough to come across 2 great compliments for Campaign Monitor from some of the best known designers on the web. First off, I got this email from Chris Campbell, co-founder of Infinity Box and also the guy behind Wufoo, Particletree and Treehouse magazine who had this to say…

We used Campaign Monitor to send our newsletter today, and you guys should really give yourselves a pat on the back. I can’t even begin to explain how much better you are than the software we’ve been using. I woke up today expecting to spend an hour on this, and I was done in a matter of minutes.

Next up we noticed some nice comments from Matt Linderman of 37signals fame. We have huge respect for the 37signals team, especially their design approach, so this one really means a lot.

(Campaign Monitor is) a beautifully designed product that really pays attention to all the little the details.

Thanks guys!

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