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Late last year I was lucky enough to host Philip Fierlinger in our Sydney office. As well as having great taste in clothing, Phil (pictured on the left) is an incredibly talented designer I’ve personally been following for many years. Today, Phil is Head of Design at the popular web-based accounting software Xero, who are doing some amazing things in what would traditionally be considered a boring space.

We spent a few hours discussing our approach to software design and sharing some tips and tricks on what worked for us. Phil had some amazing insights to share, so I was excited when I learned he’d be using Campaign Monitor for their email marketing.

Fast forward to today, and we haven’t been disappointed. Not only are the Xero team sending gorgeous emails, they have also integrated Campaign Monitor into their internal CRM/sales system using our API. This allows them to automatically target specific groups for newsletters, campaigns, offers, events and invitations.

I was so impressed that I decided to sit down with Charlotte Hinton from the Xero team and find out more. Read the case study for all the juicy details and some screenshots of the great email designs they’ve been sending lately.

We plan on doing more case studies in the coming weeks on customers doing cool things with Campaign Monitor. If there is a certain type of customer you’d like these to cover (for example, those rebranding Campaign Monitor as their own product) then please let us know in the comments.

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