Winning Slogans from Our T-Shirt Competition


Votes have been cast and tallied in our recent t-shirt slogan competition, and we have your winning favourites. Over 1,000 votes were cast, and in the end the results were very tight.

We’ll be taking the top 3 ideas, and turning them into t-shirts that are actually worth wearing. If you’ve seen our existing shirts you know we aren’t going to cover them in Campaign Monitor branding.

Thanks so much to everyone who voted, and double thanks to those who made suggestions, funny, quirky, nerdy and downright odd as they were. Our winning authors were:

We’ll be sending Doug a Flip Mino HD video camera, copies of each shirt when printed and also setting him up with a nice chunk of Campaign Monitor email credits too. Ricky will be receiving one of each shirt too, as well as his choice of awesome Blik decals and some Campaign Monitor credits.

As for me, I’ll be receiving a pat on the back and a temporary increase in social standing. I’ll also award myself some bonus ranking points in our internal ping pong tracking application. Watch out on the blog for the shirt designs over the next couple of weeks.

Keep in mind we won’t be selling these ones, only giving them away to people we spot sending great campaigns, helping out in the forums or otherwise grabbing our attention.

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