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Email Bacon has combined all the best elements of a successful Campaign Monitor rebrand – a striking design, sense of humor, business-savvy and the smell of bacon. Matt Adams from factor1 spent a moment apart from the fry pan to tell us about offering affordable email marketing services and being a ‘purple cow’.


First things first – why is everything better with bacon?


It’s consistently advertised that bacon makes everything better. You can’t watch an hour of TV without seeing at least one commercial with bacon. When we market to a potential customer, we can count on the bacon concept being reinforced all day long. Hopefully customers will find Email Bacon to be memorable.

The Email Bacon site is brilliant, how did it come together?


We try to align all of our factor1 branded sites to a minimalist, core message approach. We like to have fun, and want things to be simple for our visitors and clients. Everything we create has the aim of keeping the heavy thinking on our end, so clients simply receive the content they came looking for. People are busy, and the last thing they want is to read 3 pages on why they should use Email Bacon.

How did you come up with your pricing model?

We wanted Email Bacon to be affordable, but we didn’t want to give the farm away. We also wanted to dissuade anyone not serious about using it. Thus, we don’t offer free setup (even with a stock template), since even account setup and walking clients though the product takes time.

We are pretty fast coders, so we kept the setup fee small and manageable for most clients, yet enough to cover the development costs even if a client never sends a single email. In addition, we make a profit from clients sending their campaigns via Campaign Monitor. It’s our goal to have some automated income without tons of handholding.

How have you been spreading the word?

We are keeping Email Bacon semi low-key. With so many players in the email marketing services arena, we can’t justify spending much on ad campaigns. So we have been sticking to our current client base. With over 100 unique visitors to our factor1 site daily, we hope to see some of them convert to Email Bacon. Many of our existing clients ask us about email marketing – viewing the Email Bacon website is 10 times better than any brochure we can send them.

What are your plans for Email Bacon in the future?

Right now, we are letting it cook a bit longer. We have some other big projects hovering around factor1 – all these projects cross-promote our additional services. So, as we sell full web or branding services to our clients, we promote Email Bacon.

In the future, we’re planning to reduce our setup cost (to as low as $99), and further automate our sign up process, potentially with the API. But that’s a bit down the road. We also have plans to include video demos, as we understand the power of video to promote our message. We already have the equipment, we just need the time to record and edit.

Any tips for other designers considering reselling Campaign Monitor?

Be remarkable. There are thousands of email systems out there, but most do not have the great features that Campaign Monitor has. This should be a huge advantage, but you will still have to be competitively priced, as email marketing is considered to be a commodity these days. If you are remarkable, a ‘purple cow‘ as Seth Godin says, at least you have a shot. We hear daily that Email Bacon is fun, light hearted, and looks like a great service. People are talking, and it’s not about how low-cost Email Bacon is, but how they remember our brand.

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