Jeffrey Zeldman Kicks off a New Podcast, the Pipeline


We have the honor of getting behind 5by5‘s excellent new podcast, The Pipeline, as hosted by Dan Benjamin. Featuring interviews with the who’s who of web innovation, it kicked off to a strong start this week with an interview featuring Jeffrey Zeldman.

“If there’s one thing I can advise everyone in our field to do, it’s to get better at speaking… And listening.”

In this inaugural episode, Zeldman provided some great insights into his ever-expanding enterprise, which now includes the web design and user experience consultancy, Happy Cog Studios, and the Apart franchise, including A List Apart, An Event Apart and now his new publication, A Book Apart. Alongside discussing his current and upcoming projects, he dispenses some great advice on planning your own event and the importance of designers acting as an advocate for the user’s needs, not just the business imperatives of the client. He also stresses the importance of developing effective communication skills – an area in which he believes many designers are lacking.

We’re looking forward to future episodes of The Pipeline, given not only its great delivery so far, but a high-profile line-up including Jason Kottke, John Siracusa from Ars Technica and Gary Vaynerchuk (who we featured in this blog). So if you’re into design, development, publishing or have an entrepreneurial streak, it’s certain that there will be something in these interviews for you.

Subscribe to episodes of The Pipeline either via iTunes, or by simply downloading them from the The Pipeline‘s site.

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