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If you’ve been keeping an eye on our growing collection of customer case studies, you may have noticed our latest with Matt Weinberg from Vector Media Group. Based on his experience with a client base that spans from small online stores to large publishers, we asked Matt to explain how email marketing has complimented his design agency’s service offering. He also touched on some of the challenges that his design agency has experienced in selling email, then shared a neat success story, after one of his clients turned around their email marketing efforts with a combination of testing and a review of their newsletter content. Finally, we asked Matt for a ‘pro tip’ – his response may give you a little food for thought! Don’t miss the full case study.

Even though most of our customers are on the other side of the world, we still actively make a point of getting in touch with individuals to find out what they love, or think could be improved about Campaign Monitor. Firstly, it’s because we’re a pretty social bunch here… And anyone can tell you that I personally love a good chat. Secondly, it’s simply awesome to hear it from folks like you that use Campaign Monitor as part of a day’s work.

“The design needs to work in the email clients their customers use, not just on the web browser preview we show them!”

So it was with great pleasure that I got to meet up with Matt during a flying visit to New York City. Over coffee, Matt shared with me how his design agency uses Campaign Monitor and what could be done to make it a more competitive service to use. I didn’t want his thoughts to go to waste, so afterwards, we stayed in touch and got rolling on this case study.

Many thanks to Matt and Vector Media Group for providing a design agency perspective to our questions. Check out the new Vector Media Group case study, or browse through our other case studies, including Q&A’s with 37signals, Xero and more.

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