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We love hanging out with both designers and agencies that rebrand our app – each has a different story to tell. So today, we’re sharing Pronto Marketing‘s true tale – of how focusing on a known vertical, combined with good processes and top-notch customer service allowed their design and marketing company to scale up to roughly 750 paying clients in the space of 4 years. Needless to say, we’re thrilled to have played a part in their success story.

Pronto Marketing

Just the other week, we took time out of founder Derek Brown‘s schedule to find out what has made them so successful among small-to-medium business (SMB) clients. After all, most would expect this would be a tough sector to crack – SMBs generally have smaller marketing budgets and greater price-sensitivity. But as Pronto explained, price isn’t all. Offering a comprehensive range of services, high-quality work and a customer service team that cares by far makes them a more appealing provider than being the cheapest design shop on the block.

“Customer loyalty comes from service, not price. We know value is important, but service is what really matters”

There are some great pearls of wisdom in what Pronto has to say, regardless of whether you’re just getting started as a freelancer, or have been steadily building your business for a while. For the full story, swing on by the Case Studies section of our site, where you can read the Pronto Marketing interview, as well as conversations with Airbnb, Cameron Moll, FontShop and more.

  • Lloyd

    In the case study, Pronto mentions they use about 20-30 different applications to provide their comprehensive services.

    I’d be curious to learn about the types of applications they use, perhaps even who they use if they were willing to share.

  • Cory

    @Lloyd, I’m a co-founder at Pronto. I’d be happy to share some of the tools we use. Things are always changing and we’re constantly experimenting with new tools, but here’s a quick current overview off the top of my head:

    Zendesk – all customer interaction. Mini-projects.
    Asana – internal project management.
    Github – sourcecode management.
    Sourcetree – Git client.
    Snagit – image capture and quick mockups.
    Formstack – all of our signup forms.
    Litmus – email testing.
    Campaign Monitor! – tool for managing email campaigns for our clients.
    Wistia – video hosting.
    Issuu – PDF publishing tool.
    Marketo – marketing automation.
    Evernote business – internal knowledge sharing.
    Google docs – document and spreadsheet collaboration.
    SaneBox – smart email filtering.
    WordPress – CMS platform for all of our customers.
    ShortStack – Facebook apps and pages tool.
    HootSuite – social media dashboard.

    I’m sure there are more… Hope this helps!

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