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Adidas is an iconic sports brand that athletes and fans around the globe love and trust. Founded in 1924, the adidas brand has a rich history, but its products and campaigns are always on the cutting edge of innovation.

adidas France partnered with MNSTR, a brand strategy agency that brings the stories of its clients to life through digital, to power its Superstar campaign. The Superstar shoe was launched back in 1969 and is a staple of any adidas’ customer’s closet. You may have seen the Superstar on the basketball court, in a skate park, or on the street. Time evolves, and this classic item stays hot.

So how do you launch a campaign and create buzz around a timeless piece? You create a killer website, powerful videos, and engaging emails. MNSTR turned to Campaign Monitor to pump up this launch, and spark interest with their subscribers.

We recently featured adidas in our Top 100 Gallery, which showcases the Top 100 customer email campaigns of 2015. Let’s jump into their Originals Superstar Announcement, and see what made it so engaging.


  1. A focused, integrated campaign: The Superstar collection campaign has sleek creative and messaging at every customer touchpoint. When a subscriber clicks through an email, they flawlessly transition from their inbox to the adidas website, to videos, to the Superstar shopping experience. Don’t think of email as the only lever to pull for a marketing campaign. Make sure you envision the customer’s journey, and the experience you want them to have, from beginning to end.
  2. Simplicity works: MNSTR does an excellent job keeping their email campaign simple and focused. The logo, hero image, and message are straightforward and digestible. This is an excellent reminder to avoid overcomplicating your email and overwhelming your audience.

Your turn:Now that you’ve seen how adidas used email marketing to pump up their campaign, tell us what you think. How do you leverage email marketing for your big announcements and campaigns?

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