How Seafolly Welcomes Subscribers with Email Marketing


Seafolly is making a big impact in the swimwear industry. This Australian brand sells beautiful swimwear and beachwear online and around the world in leading retail stores.

Seafolly does a fantastic job of marketing their brand and product in a modern way. Their website, social channels, and email campaigns are consistent in design and messaging, and foster a harmonious experience across their customer touchpoints.

Seafolly leverages email to create an instant connection with their community. When customers subscribe to Seafolly communications via the sign up form on their website, subscribers are immediately greeted by a “Welcome to the World of Seafolly” email in their inbox. This friendly “hello” invites subscribers to connect with their brand and be transported into the world of Seafolly.

We recently featured Seafolly’s Welcome Email in our Top 100 Gallery, where we showcase our customers’ best email campaigns. Let’s see why this Seafolly campaign swam to the top of our list:

Wrap up

Now that you’ve seen how Seafolly uses an engaging email to welcome their newest subscribers, learn how to engage your subscribers from the start with a welcome email.

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