How the San Diego Chargers Score with Email Marketing


Grab the remote control and get comfortable, because it’s football season!

The San Diego Chargers are not just professional football players, they’re professional email marketers. They’re doing an incredible job of leveraging email marketing to connect with their fans, showcase their brand, and pump up Chargers spirit. Regular email content includes community newsletters, special deals, and event invitations, all of which get their fans charged up for game day.

Today the San Diego Chargers are playing the Green Bay Packers at Lambeau Field in a Sunday afternoon showdown. They partnered with Campaign Monitor to create a campaign that pumped up the excitement for their extended team: their fans.

Let’s take a look at how the San Diego Chargers scored with this email marketing campaign.

  1. Relevant advertising: The San Diego Chargers do an excellent job of placing relevant ads in their email campaigns that work well with the overall email design. Ads in your campaigns should serve as a complement to your content, not a distraction.
  2. Social mindset: The San Diego Chargers have a big #WinAsOne social campaign that’s focused on their fan community. They find subtle ways to reinforce this social campaign in their email imagery. When you’re developing content for your email campaigns, try to tie the messaging and themes to your other marketing channels.
  3. Smart messaging hierarchy: The San Diego Chargers clearly outlined the call to action hierarchy in this email. The main takeaway for subscribers is to watch the big game. The San Diego Chargers also marketed complementary offers about trips, watch parties, and ticket exchanges. When you’re outlining your email campaign content, think “what do I want my subscriber to take action on?” and design accordingly.

We’re big fans of the San Diego Chargers use of email marketing, and featured their Valentine’s Day Campaign in our Top 100 Gallery, where we showcase our customers’ best email campaigns. Head on over to the Gallery, and get inspired for your next email campaign.

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