How Oribe Turns up the Volume with Email Marketing


Oribe believes that healthy hair is the foundation for glamorous styling. Their award-winning hair products range from shampoos and conditioners to texturizing oils and sprays. Their haircare line isn’t the only thing that caught our attention; their email marketing strategy is also on point. They’re using email marketing to keep their subscribers up-to-date on exciting news, events, and products. We’re impressed by their website’s sleek and effective email newsletter sign up forms.

Oribe’s email campaigns are equally beautiful. We recently featured their Backstage Newsletter in our Top 100 Gallery, where we showcase our customers’ most effective email campaigns. Let’s see why this Oribe email campaign made the cut:

  1. Engaging video content: Oribe’s Today show video clip is an enticing call to action. Video calls to action have shown promising engagement rates and are an excellent way to encourage people to visit your website and consume your content. As you approach video offers in your next email campaign, we recommend linking an image with a big play button (or an animated GIF) to a video landing page.
  2. Consumer reviews: Oribe creates immediate credibility with their audience by mentioning that their product made Today’s “favorite things” list. Glowing customer reviews are a powerful way to market your product and promise customers that they’re in good company.
  3. Giveaway contest: Oribe leverages this email campaign to present a fun “win-win” contest, encouraging their subscribers to follow them on Instagram, and in return, be entered for a chance to win their favorite Oribe product. Engaging contests are a surefire way to involve your subscribers and create a sense of community.


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