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Topshop, a global fashion retail company, is loved for their trend-setting styles.

They rely on big name supermodels to drive their campaigns and represent their brand. And, they rely on email marketing to get the word out. Topshop unveils new collections, limited-time sales, and seasonal specials to their customers using Campaign Monitor.

In today’s digital world, every subscriber is only a few clicks away from their next purchase, and email enables that. Email marketing helps bring Topshop’s next big thing, whether it’s their Fall leather jacket or floral shirt dress, into the minds, inboxes, and ultimately the closets of their subscribers.

We recently spotlighted Topshop’s denim campaign in our Top 100 Gallery, which showcases the Top 100 customer email campaigns of 2015. This gallery is meant to inspire modern marketers to continue to push the limits on their email design, content, and strategy. The gallery highlights different ‘types’ of emails: Marketing Offers, Newsletters, Announcements, and Event Invitations.

Marketing Offer emails introduce new products and deals, and have one common goal: to drive sales. Let’s take a look at how Topshop’s Denim Campaign did just that:


  1. Catchy subject line – This campaign had a playful subject line “New Jean Scene” that piques the interest of any fashionista. Before fully launching the campaign, Topshop’s team A/B tested  two different subject lines. Version A “New Jean Scene” beat out the more prescriptive Version B “3 ways to wear the Topshop jean”, guaranteeing better open rates for the fully-launched campaign.
  2. Front and center CTA – The primary call to action for this email is to explore the Topshop online store. The CTA button is front and center, complementing the hero banner that it’s a part of.
  3. Keeping it social – In the second part of the email, Topshop outlines 3 very different outfits that feature their denim line. Each outfit links to their Facebook page, which has an album dedicated to “3 ways to wear Topshop jeans”. This is an effective way to amplify their social following and showcase their brand identity from email, to website, to Facebook.

Your turn: Now that we’ve shared how Topshop uses email to supercharge sales, tell us what you think. What do you think goes into an effective email marketing offer?

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