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Have you considered becoming a Campaign Monitor reseller, but have had trouble putting the pieces together between starting an account and launching your own unique email service? In our latest case study with John Henry at Holler, we answer some common questions that new designers and resellers face, such as whether to go with fixed vs personalized pricing and how to pitch email marketing to clients. We also touch on his experience coding with the Campaign Monitor API, as Holler has cleverly integrated ExpressionEngine with our app to create on-the-fly demo accounts for new customers.

“My pitch really is selling Holler as a marketing tool as opposed to a service for just sending emails.”

As a designer and developer with considerable experience working on email marketing campaigns, John Henry was in an excellent position to offer email to his clients via Holler. In fact, what attracted us to Holler initially was its visual flair and attention to detail – not only is it an immensely attractive and memorable site, but it comes with a compelling range of resources that demonstrate an understanding of what many businesses look for in an email design and delivery service. Another advantage is Holler’s understanding that email works best alongside other marketing channels and strategies, not in silo. As John Henry notes, “It’s integrating their (customers’) current work-flow that has really sold Holler and previous Campaign Monitor accounts I used to work with. The potential of competitions, sign-up forms, unique content and being able to measure the results has been a big selling point.”

Finally, with John Henry’s background developing for ExpressionEngine in mind, we asked about his clever use of our API to automatically create demo accounts for new customers. After quickly starting an account ourselves, we have our fingers crossed that Holler will release their demo account addon for EE sometime in the near future.

So if you’re planning to launch your own rebrand, or are looking for sound tips when offering email marketing to your clients, read the full Holler transcript, or browse through our other case studies, including Q&A’s with 37signals, Xero and more.

Thanks to John Henry from Holler for assisting with this case study. To see this service in action and start your own demo account, visit Holler.

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