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“The Reporting Has Made Me a Hero… The Perfect Email Tool for Us”

We love getting feedback from you guys (when it’s good, and especially when it’s not). This one was just too damn good not to share. “I am extremely impressed with your product, the more I use it, the more I know that I made the right choice. I looked at a few other solutions, but none were as easy for us to use with the way we do business. The reporting has made me a hero and makes it dead simple to follow progress and track metrics. The client model works perfectly for us, allowing us to segment our clients and user access. Client access it great, the whole company can track response without having full account access. The API allows us to use our proprietary tracking systems as well as keep our lists constantly, automatically updated. Campaign Monitor is the perfect email tool for us. I just wanted to let you know.” Dylan Thomas, Potrero Media Corporation We plan on putting a few case studies soon showing how Campaign Monitor has helped you out, made your job a little easier or generally helped you kick ass, so if you fall into any of these categories, please let us know.

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“The Best Product I’ve Seen in This Market”

“I absolutely love Campaign Monitor. It’s been a pleasure to use and really is the best product I’ve seen in this market… and I’ve worked with just about all of them.” Ben Webster, Conversant Studios

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We’re a Finalist for the 2006 Copernican Awards

Whoah! We just found out that we’ve been selected as finalists for Creative Good’s 2006 Copernican Award. Here’s what they’re all about: “The Copernican Awards are awarded annually to top companies and organizations that succeed by putting customers at the center of their ‘business universe’.” It’s an honor to be in the same company as the 16 other amazing finalists, such as Google, Threadless and del.icio.us. It’s been an amazing 18 months since we launched Campaign Monitor. We’ve made loads of friends around the world, helped almost 10,000 customers with their email marketing and even contributed to a book or two. We’re heading to New York in a couple of weeks for the awards dinner, and we look forward to catching up with plenty of you guys while we’re over there. You can check out more about the award here.

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“We Couldn’t Live without Campaign Monitor”

“I simply can’t say enough good things about Campaign Monitor! It integrates perfectly into our design. We couldn’t live without it.” Greg Galant, RadioTail CEO and Venture Voice host

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Digital Web Review

We’ve just received a great review from Ken Westin in the awesome Digital Web Magazine. Here’s a quick excerpt: “Having used Campaign Monitor on and off for several years, I have found support to be excellent. They are very prompt (usually responding within 24 hours), highly competent, very friendly and patient.” The editor of the magazine also had this to say… “There was a time when HTML emails were the red-headed stepchild of Web marketing – ungainly to create and despised by readers. As Digital Web Magazine product reviewer Ken Westin notes, Campaign Monitor is a Web-based HTML email delivery and monitoring application that will change that reputation.” You can read the full review here.

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“Campaign Monitor Works Perfectly with the Flow of Our Company”

“Campaign Monitor works perfectly with the flow of our company, and brings a feeling of something that ‘just fits’. It does what we need and does it exceptionally well.” Andrey Butov, Antair Corporation

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“Excellently Designed and Elegantly Applied”

“I’ve been looking for an email management solution with Campaign Monitor’s blend of flexibility, reporting and competitive pricing for over two years now, and I’m very glad I’ve finally found it. It’s intuitive and easy to use without being dumbed-down or patronising and is both excellently designed and elegantly applied. I’ve already recommended it to everyone I work with. Quite literally.” Darren Turpin, Website Editor, Invest in Manchester

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“My God, You’ve Thought of Everything!”

“My God, you’ve thought of everything! This is a really great system you have here. I love the interface as well. You’ve obviously done your work in the usability and design department. I’m proposing to use this for a few of my clients as we speak.” Brian Collins, Stick Stone Design

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“Am Absolutely LOVING Campaign Monitor”

“Just sent a large campaign and am absolutely LOVING Campaign Monitor. Stats are fantastic, client login feature is outstanding. Pricing is excellent. Because of Campaign Monitor, HTML newsletters are no longer the red headed stepchild of marketing.” Krista Stevens, Dispatch Design and Editor in Chief of Digital Web Magazine

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“The Best Thing I’ve Stumbled across on the Internet in a Long, Long Time”

“Campaign Monitor has to be the best thing I’ve stumbled across on the internet in a long, long time. I was set up and sending a test from your system in less than 1/2 hour, and that included customizing the report page for a customer to review as well. Brilliant!” Scott Widmer, Widmer: e-solutions

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“This Is Sooooo Good. Simple, Beautiful, and without a Hitch”

“This is sooooo good. Simple, beautiful, and without a hitch. We’re running a few tests before our first ‘live’ client mail-out and everything works beautifully.” Kim Jordan, Strata3 Group

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“Incredibly Easy to Use and Intuitive”

“I just set up an account, added my clients, imported subscribers and set up the subscription form on my web site. Your software is incredibly easy to use and intuitive. I’m very impressed so far.” Ian Brown, i4 Web Solutions

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