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“Absolutely perfect! So easy, so fast”

“I am now the #1 fan of Campaign Monitor. I’ve been sending out email newsletters…

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Campaign Monitor “gets it”

“I know a good experience when I see it – Campaign Monitor ‘gets it’. Your…

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“Excellent service!”

“Excellent service! You guys have done a really great job – we’re a web design…

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“Finally, a reliable, fast, easy to use and technically perfect product”

“If there was a standard for sending email broadcasts, Campaign Monitor have set it. There…

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“Wonderfully simple interface… we canít rave about it enough”

“Their service is just fantastic… we can’t rave about it enough. From importing the mailing…

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The Campaign Monitor Not-So-Monthly Updates

We just received some fantastic feedback from Nick Finck, editor of Digital Web Magazine about…

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“Rarely do you see feature-rich products that are so easy to use”

“Rarely do you see feature-rich products that are so easy to use. To top it…

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“One of the best web applications I’ve ever used”

“After a month of testing, we finally sent a very successful email campaign on the…

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“The perfect balance between clever functionality and great usability”

“Big round of applause from our side guys. The design and interface is really beautiful…

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Campaign Monitor “amazed my clients”

“I highly recommend Campaign Monitor to any web designer or design firm for that matter….

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“One of the nicest webapps I’ve ever used”

“We are extremely impressed by Campaign Monitor. It’s one of the nicest webapps I’ve ever…

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“Simple, elegant and very effective”

“Iíve just tested your product, itís wonderful: simple, elegant and very effective. Thank you so…

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