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“Absolutely Perfect! So Easy, so Fast”

“I am now the #1 fan of Campaign Monitor. I’ve been sending out email newsletters in various forms for many years, and last Friday was the first time using Campaign Monitor. It’s absolutely perfect! So easy, so fast. I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to find your site and start using your product. We’ll be implementing a new newsletter in a few months and we’ll use your system for that as well. Great job!” Stuart Constantine, Core77, Inc.

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Campaign Monitor “Gets It”

“I know a good experience when I see it – Campaign Monitor ‘gets it’. Your software is awesome – outstanding work. I hope to use it again soon!” Mark Hurst, Good Experience

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“Excellent Service!”

“Excellent service! You guys have done a really great job – we’re a web design company and we just ran our first campaign through your system. The ease of updating and previewing was great for working with our client, and your interface is very nicely put together, good use of all the Web 2.0 stuff without being annoying. And the price really is very reasonable for removing all the typical headaches!” “Keep up the good work!” Ben Murphy, Octane Internet

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“Finally, a Reliable, Fast, Easy to Use and Technically Perfect Product”

“If there was a standard for sending email broadcasts, Campaign Monitor have set it. There is no fuss, no technical problems to overcome and everything is explained along the way.” “In a word, marvellous!” Richard Smith, unite form

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“Wonderfully Simple Interface… We CaníT Rave about It Enough”

“Their service is just fantastic… we can’t rave about it enough. From importing the mailing list, to creating the content (both plain text and HTML), to scheduling the delivery of the email, to managing the bounces when the email can’t be delivered. Everything is taken care of, and managed through a wonderfully simple interface.” “We are definitely using Campaign Monitor in the future, and we recommend that you do as well.” Jordan Brock, Spin Technologies

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The Campaign Monitor Not-So-Monthly Updates

We just received some fantastic feedback from Nick Finck, editor of Digital Web Magazine about our occasional email newsletter. “I have subscribed to and read a lot of newsletters from various companies about all kinds of products and services, but never before have I seen a newsletter more useful and invaluable to it’s customers than I have with your newsletter.” Thanks Nick. If you’re keen to stay up to date with the latest at Campaign Monitor and receive useful tips on getting the most out of email marketing, you can subscribe to the newsletter at the top left of this blog.

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“Rarely Do You See Feature-Rich Products That Are So Easy to Use”

“Rarely do you see feature-rich products that are so easy to use. To top it off, the responsiveness of your support team is so impressive. Keep up the great work.” Mike Tasso

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“One of the Best Web Applications I’ve Ever Used”

“After a month of testing, we finally sent a very successful email campaign on the launch of our new media and communicaitons business venture. Campaign Monitor is the one of the best web applications I’ve ever used. It is an invaluable tool for web designers, developers and anyone else who wants to put the power of successful email marketing in their own hands. Thanks guys.” Susan Lee Quee, Lee Quee and Riley

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“The Perfect Balance between Clever Functionality and Great Usability”

“Big round of applause from our side guys. The design and interface is really beautiful and it’s so easy to work with. Campaign Monitor is the perfect balance between clever functionality and great usability.” Kim Ahlgreen, InleadMedia

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Campaign Monitor “Amazed My Clients”

“I highly recommend Campaign Monitor to any web designer or design firm for that matter. Took all of about 5 minutes to setup and send a designed email campaign. The client login structure was an exciting plus for me. The ability to allow the client to view stats on any or all of the campaigns sent under my company’s name amazed my clients. I believe using this software will help separate me from my competitors.” David Blanchet, Climax Designs

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“One of the Nicest Webapps I’ve Ever Used”

“We are extremely impressed by Campaign Monitor. It’s one of the nicest webapps I’ve ever used and you’ve clearly thought the functionality through. I was evaluating it for a company that needs to send newsletters on occasion and your product is a perfect fit.” Robert Rasmussen, Moonlight Tower

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“Simple, Elegant and Very Effective”

“Iíve just tested your product, itís wonderful: simple, elegant and very effective. Thank you so much for having created it. Iíll try to use it a lot and spread the word to all my Italian collegues.” Claudio Maria Lerario

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