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“I can’t tell you enough how great this software is”

“I set up an account so I could test your service out. We were so…

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“Campaign Monitor Saves the Day”

Ryan Heneise from Art of Mission has just posted his thoughts on a recent Campaign…

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“Beautiful, easy to use, and incredibly functional”

“I absolutely love your software. It’s beautiful, easy to use, and incredibly functional – just…

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“The best email sending tool on the market”

“What continues to impress me about Campaign Monitor is the amount of new features you…

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“Campaign Monitor is absolutely brilliant!”

“I’ve just recently sent my first campaign and I must say that Campaign Monitor is…

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“Campaign Monitor blew my socks off!”

We’ve just received a great review from the brand new WorkHappy.net blog – a growing…

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“So powerful, clear, and easy to use”

“I think Campaign Monitor is fantastic! It is so powerful, clear, and easy to use….

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“Absolutely in love with your reports”

“We went ahead and send another campaign today and it worked flawlessly. The client is…

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“Campaign Monitor is truly amazing”

“I can’t say it enough – Campaign Monitor is truly amazing. It’s the best use…

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“Having a hard time seeing through the tears of joy”

“I wanted to send off some incredible feedback to you about your amazing software, but…

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“Simply the best… one of my designer secrets”

“Simply the best in its market, Campaign Monitor is very user friendly. From a…

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“One of the best web apps I’ve ever seen”

“Great work! This is one of the best web apps I’ve ever seen in terms…

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