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“I Can’t Tell You Enough How Great This Software Is”

“I set up an account so I could test your service out. We were so impressed that the company I’m working for is now starting to use this for all of our client’s mailings. I can’t tell you enough how great this software is. Thanks and keep up the good work.” Colin Grigson, Trademark Media

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“Campaign Monitor Saves the Day”

Ryan Heneise from Art of Mission has just posted his thoughts on a recent Campaign Monitor experience. Thanks Ryan.

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“Beautiful, Easy to Use, and Incredibly Functional”

“I absolutely love your software. It’s beautiful, easy to use, and incredibly functional – just awesome.” Peter Franceschi, Grants Office

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“The Best Email Sending Tool on the Market”

“What continues to impress me about Campaign Monitor is the amount of new features you continue to add. At times I feel you read my mind for something I want, while other times you blow my mind with things I didn’t even know I needed.” “I would say keep up all the hard work, but you guys don’t seem to need any encouragement to strive to make Campaign Monitor the best email sending tool on the market. OK, it would just be rude if I didn’t say anything. You guys rock, keep up all the hard work!” David Ditges, Thrive Africa

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“Campaign Monitor Is Absolutely Brilliant!”

“I’ve just recently sent my first campaign and I must say that Campaign Monitor is absolutely brilliant! I’ve been in the web design business for some time now and have never come across a service that is so in tune with how a designer works. You’ve completely revolutionized how my clients and myself will be sending email newsletters from now on.” Curve2 Design

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“Campaign Monitor Blew My Socks Off!”

We’ve just received a great review from the brand new WorkHappy.net blog – a growing resource of cool tools and resources for web professionals. “It’s going to be hard to explain the ecstasy I experience each time I use this service. For years, I’ve been trying to find the perfect tool to manage email newsletters for myself and my clients. Just when I thought no one could get it right, Campaign Monitor came along and blew my socks off!” You can check out the full review here. A huge thanks to Carson for the kind words. Do yourself a favour and if you haven’t already, check out some of the other great resources he recommends.

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“So Powerful, Clear, and Easy to Use”

“I think Campaign Monitor is fantastic! It is so powerful, clear, and easy to use. The interface is so user friendly and a pleasure to use. I have only sent one campaign so far and it already led to sales for my book!” Emily Eisbruch, Curious Kids Guides

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“Absolutely in Love with Your Reports”

“We went ahead and send another campaign today and it worked flawlessly. The client is absolutely in love with your reports and I’m looking forward to sharing this with other clients as well. Many thanks!!” Andy Meadows, Live Oak Interactive

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“Campaign Monitor Is Truly Amazing”

“I can’t say it enough – Campaign Monitor is truly amazing. It’s the best use of advertising dollars that I see in my company and it’s a pleasure to work with because of the great interface and powerful tools. Keep up the great work.” Evan Jones, Schok

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“Having a Hard Time Seeing through the Tears of Joy”

“I wanted to send off some incredible feedback to you about your amazing software, but I’m afraid I’m having a hard time seeing through the tears of joy at finding Campaign Monitor. Great job and THANK YOU!” Nick Lloyd, Stephen Thomas New Media

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“Simply the Best… One of My Designer Secrets”

“Simply the best in its market, Campaign Monitor is very user friendly. From a designer’s standpoint, being able to customize logins for my clients is very important. I will definitely recommend Campaign Monitor as being one of my designer secrets.” Shawna Broyles, Vivify Designs

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“One of the Best Web Apps I’ve Ever Seen”

“Great work! This is one of the best web apps I’ve ever seen in terms of usability, design and functionality. Keep up the good work!” Karin Louwerse

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