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“Meets All of Our Business Needs”

“For years we struggled to find the right tool for sending and tracking email newsletters. No one understood our need for a usable, transparent and efficient product with a pricing structure that paralleled our own.” “Then we found Campaign Monitor. Not only did you build a tool that meets all of our business needs, but you are also receptive to suggestions, responsive to our questions and quick to provide valuable guidance so we may better serve our own clients. Thank you for your hard work, it really is appreciated.” Kevin Finn, Propeller Branding

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“The Holy Grail of Email Newsletter Software”

“It’s only taken me 4 years of searching for a fast, reliable, and smartly-designed email service and I’m thrilled that we’ve finally found the holy grail in Campaign Monitor. It’s a truly private label tool that actually does justice to Web standards based emails.” Andrew Boardman, MANOVERBOARD

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“Like Manna from Heaven!”

“If Campaign Monitor did only what I thought I needed, I’d be happy – but it does way more. It integrates and automates processes that used to be a chore, and its reports and tracking tools are like manna from heaven!” Ryan Deussing, ELSEWARES

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“When My Clients Are Happy, I’m Happy”

“I have been using email marketing programs of one kind or another since the late 90’s. Whilst each have had some merit, it has been only since I started using Campaign Monitor that I found a solution that meets all my requirements.” “It is easy to use, time saving and my customers love the fact they can monitor everything. When my clients are happy, I’m happy, so thank you Campaign Monitor.” Daren Bach, Provoke Design Limited

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“It’s a True Joy Using Campaign Monitor”

“It’s a true joy using Campaign Monitor. No more design boundaries and technical headaches, just a user-friendly, robust tool that provide impressive reports my clients rave about. Thanks for your attention to detail – you have made my life a lot easier.” Jon Livingston, Livingston & Partners, Inc

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“An Absolute Essential”

“Campaign Monitor is an absolute essential. It lets us save ridiculous amounts of time and money, and is a far better fit with our service offering than any other email marketing solution.” James Burn, Pixel Shop

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“Man, I love Campaign Monitor”

“Man, I love Campaign Monitor. I’ve been using e-mail as a marketing tool since 1996 and it is really refreshing to see such a simple, well-thought out tool. Well done!” Ken Schafer – Schafer Group

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“Campaign Monitor… An E-Marketers Dream Tool”

“What a great find! The ease of use and no fuss set up make Campaign Monitor any e-marketers dream tool. Priced for success, flexible enough for most needs. The custom options and form generation tools made incorporating Campaign Monitor into our own site a breeze. Clients love the results and it makes us look great too!” Damien Buckley, Propeller Graphic Design & Marketing

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“I’m So Blown-Away Impressed with Your Service I Can Hardly Contain Myself”

“I’m so blown-away impressed with your service I can hardly contain myself. You’re on my list of super stars like Basecamp and Flickr. Seriously, you guys have done it up right. Nice work.” Carson McComas, FrogBody

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“A Sheer Pleasure… You and Your Clients Win with Campaign Monitor”

“The ease with which I can send an email campaign for my clients using Campaign Monitor has been a sheer pleasure. The interface is top-notch and support related questions, few as I’ve had, were answered quickly and professionaly. I highly recommend Campaign Monitor as an alternative to overpriced and bloated services like Topica or cumbersome and difficult to setup listservs like Mailman. You and your clients win with Campaign Monitor.” Donovan Watts

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“Brilliant New Bulk Email Service for Web Developers”

“Never let it be said that I don’t give credit where credit is due. Campaign Monitor is a brilliant new bulk email service for web developers. We’ve just used it to send out a huge campaign and been very impressed with the reporting tools, price, and speed.” Jon Roobottom

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“By Far, the Best Example of an Online Email Campaign Tool We’ve Seen!”

“Campaign Monitor is a really great product. We’re really psyched to have found it. By far, the best example of an online email campaign tool we’ve seen! Great job!” Sean Schroeder, Studio Squared

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