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“Meets all of our business needs”

“For years we struggled to find the right tool for sending and tracking email newsletters….

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“The holy grail of email newsletter software”

“It’s only taken me 4 years of searching for a fast, reliable, and smartly-designed email…

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“Like manna from heaven!”

“If Campaign Monitor did only what I thought I needed, I’d be happy – but…

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“When my clients are happy, I’m happy”

“I have been using email marketing programs of one kind or another since the late…

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“It’s a true joy using Campaign Monitor”

“It’s a true joy using Campaign Monitor. No more design boundaries and technical headaches, just…

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“An absolute essential”

“Campaign Monitor is an absolute essential. It lets us save ridiculous amounts of time and…

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“Man, I love Campaign Monitor”

“Man, I love Campaign Monitor. I’ve been using e-mail as a marketing tool since 1996…

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“Campaign Monitor… an e-marketers dream tool”

“What a great find! The ease of use and no fuss set up make Campaign…

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“I’m so blown-away impressed with your service I can hardly contain myself”

“I’m so blown-away impressed with your service I can hardly contain myself. You’re on my…

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“A sheer pleasure… you and your clients win with Campaign Monitor”

“The ease with which I can send an email campaign for my clients using Campaign…

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“Brilliant new bulk email service for web developers”

“Never let it be said that I don’t give credit where credit is due. Campaign…

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“By far, the best example of an online email campaign tool we’ve seen!”

“Campaign Monitor is a really great product. We’re really psyched to have found it. By…

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