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“The Reporting Feature Nearly Made Our Client Faint”

“We have been through a variety of email newsletter software and every one of them fell short in 2 major areas: usability and reporting. Campaign Monitor is amazing in both aspects. The interface and work flow was clearly designed by “humans” and the reporting feature nearly made our client faint (seriously…all they kept saying was ‘wow’ ‘no way’ and ‘shut up! This is fantastic’). The support offered and branding features put icing on an already excellent cake.” – Ken Roberts, F23

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“Simple and Inexpensive”

“Campaign Monitor looks like a very simple and inexpensive way to send out pretty impressive looking mailing lists to anyone.” – Nollind Whachell

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“Campaign Monitor to the Rescue”

“I’ve been in trouble with newsletters before; homemade systems have crashed, actual listservers seemed a bit tricky if the client didn’t want to manage stuff via email etc. Campaign Monitor to the rescue…” – Anders, pollas.dk

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“Hands-Down the Best Bulk Mailing Software”

Campaign Monitor received a great review in the latest issue of the awesome Design In Flight magazine. “Overall this is hands-down the best bulk mailing software that I have come across. It is well designed, easy to use, and cost-effective. While many web apps are constantly in beta and offer poorly designed interfaces, it’s good to see a company focusing on designers by providing them with a product worthy of the profession.” Thanks guys. Do yourself a favour and buy the latest issue for a measly $3.

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“Highly Recommend Giving Campaign Monitor a Look”

“From the beautiful interface, to the elegant reports, to the overall intuitiveness and ease-of-use so often missing in newsletter/list management software, we have to highly recommend giving Campaign Monitor a look.” – Jason Fried, 37 Signals

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“Campaign Monitor Made Us Look VERY Good”

“Campaign Monitor has been a blessing in disguise for our company. We had a client who needed a robust email campaign with tracking and they needed it fast. Campaign Monitor looked like a good solution (plus the site design is second to none), so we thought we would test it out. They have far exceeded our needs. Impeccable customer service, top notch technical support, and a development team that isn’t too busy to fix minor issue or even integrate major features. We have now used Campaign Monitor to send over 35,000 targeted emails to our clients’ customers. The response has been incredible and we were able to quickly and affordably fulfil our clients needs. Campaign Monitor made us look VERY good.” – Matt Massey, M.R.Q. Corp

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“The Interface Is Flawless”

“Your service is absolutely amazing, the interface is flawless, and I signed up just so I could look at the UI more! Now that I read about your pricing levels (brilliant!) my company will be sending out all our campaigns with you from now on. Kudos to you and your company for creating a service that is both superior to others on the market and well-designed. Those two statements are usually mutually exclusive, but Campaign Monitor rocks.” – Mike Rundle, Business Logs

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“Campaign Monitor Rocks”

“Campaign Monitor rocks. As a web designer committed to excellence in quality I expect a lot from my email administration utility, and Campaign Monitor delivers. Easy to use, aesthetically pleasant, and functionally sound.” – Mark Wyner, markWynerDesign

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“You Do the Design and Campaign Monitor Handles the Rest”

“We’ve used a variety of mediocre tools to manage newsletters and mass mailings for ourselves and for our clients. That’s all over now. Campaign Monitor is the nicest-looking, best-designed app for the job. The documentation and help files are (gasp!) beautifully written and right to the point. You do the design and Campaign Monitor handles the rest, including tracking results, managing subscriptions and deletions and scheduling and testing designs and campaigns.” – Jim Coudal, Coudal Partners

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“I’ve Been Trying Desperately to Find an Email System for Web Developers”

“I’m highly impressed with Campaign Monitor, congratulations on an outstanding system. I’ve been trying desperately to find an email system that is built for web developers to no avail. I’ve tried everything from Cooler Email, Constant Contact, I Make News, Got Marketing and others. All of them have the same problem – hard to use interface, difficult to integrate for clients and restrictive features. Your multi-client approach and pricing model are brilliant. What I was really lacking was a simple way to let clients view their reports from our website, which you have thought out amazingly well. I also love the fact that you are not trying to push the Campaign Monitor brand through to the end user. I’ve argued that point with all the above companies as I am convinced that pushing the brand to the consumer kills business. I look forward to using Campaign Monitor for all my clients.” – Eric Pecoraro, Shepard Design

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