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Setting Campaigns on a Positive Tangent with Vector Media Group

If you’ve been keeping an eye on our growing collection of customer case studies, you…

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Announcing the Web24 Conference in Newcastle, Australia

Imagine a conference that’s only 1 day long, has 1 solid schedule of talks and…

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Minui HandySitt, on Marketing a Successful Online Store

In the last few months, we’ve focused on producing useful case studies that reflect the…

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Jeffrey Zeldman Kicks off a New Podcast, the Pipeline

We have the honor of getting behind 5by5’s excellent new podcast, The Pipeline, as hosted…

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Cabedge on Email, social Media and Charging Clients

We’re pleased to share with you a great interview with Cabedge, being the most recent…

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Email Bacon’s Matt Adams on Why Email Goes Better with Bacon

Email Bacon has combined all the best elements of a successful Campaign Monitor rebrand –…

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Reselling Campaign Monitor to a Niche Market: Meet Scoutmailer

In this case study we highlight ScoutMailer, a rebranded version of Campaign Monitor targeted specifically…

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How Performative Web Uses Our API to Build and Send Dynamic Emails

As a great showcase for the power of our API, Performative Web recently integrated their…

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Winning Slogans from Our T-Shirt Competition

The voting has been closed, and you have selected our winning t-shirt slogans. Read on…

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Campaign Monitor Helps Atlassian Raise over $100,000 for Charity

Find out how Atlassian recently used Campaign Monitor to kick of a ‘stimulus package’ that…

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Case Study: Rebranding Campaign Monitor as AshWebMail

AshWebMail is a brilliant example of rebranding Campaign Monitor as your very own email marketing…

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Xero.com and Campaign Monitor

We sat down with the Xero team to learn how they’ve automated their email marketing…

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