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“Amazing Customer Service”

You guys have thought of everything! I love this tool, especially all the attention to detail. I’m somewhat picky about customer service too – I own 2 businesses and rarely find someone who treats me the way I treat my own clients. Thanks for restoring my faith in amazing customer service :-) Karen Ward RedSea Web Design

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“I Think I’m in Love”

I know it isn’t healthy for a middle aged man but I think I’m in love with Campaign Monitor. We just sent our first campaign yesterday and I am loving the campaign feedback. It has given me far more insight than the $1,000 I paid a market research company to poll my clients. Wayne Fowler Gilkatho

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“Just Wanted to Say How Fantastic the Campaign Monitor Experience Has Been”

Just wanted to say how fantastic the Campaign Monitor experience has been, you really do have an excellent tool here. I used to manage the mailing list for a big high-street retailer here in the UK and I wish we’d had something like this back then! I’ve used other tools in the past, and none of them are near your software for convenience and ease of use. We’ll definitely be spreading the word about your service. Iain Roberts Vapourised

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“I Will Be Naming My First-Born Campaign-Monitor”

I will be naming my first-born ‘Campaign-Monitor’. Thanks for a well-resolved, slick, fast and truly useful product. Dave Baskind Universal Favourite

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“The Reporting & Segmentation Tools Are Amazing”

I’ve been using Campaign Monitor for two years now for all Applied Language’s outbound email campaigns. The tools developed are far and above anything I could ever expected at such a great price. The reporting and segmentation tools are amazing and I recommend it to everyone I know who works in Marketing. Richard Michie, Head of Marketing & PR Applied Language

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“Campaign Monitor is Awesome!”

Holy crap, Campaign Monitor is awesome! Just tried it out by sending some emails today. I can already tell that I may be a long term customer for you. Derrick Schwabe, Identify Digital Media

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Campaign Monitor Comes out on Top

“Services like Campaign Monitor suit the vast majority of small/medium businesses with their simple and slick user interface, and are still priced very reasonably.” writes Vero Pepperrell in a blog post about the good, the bad and the downright ugly email marketing apps out there. In her post, Vero revisits some of the different tools she’s used throughout her email marketing career and Campaign Monitor comes out on top over some of the bigger players in the industry. I loved this bit about one particular application… It should already raise a big red flag when the service is only usable in IE 6 on Windows. A lot of the motivation for building Campaign Monitor came from the frustration we experienced using the same tools as Vero. It’s great to hear we hit the mark for her too. If you’re interested in learning a little more about how we got here, check out this great article in today’s Smart Company magazine or the podcast from a talk we gave last year on what we learnt building Campaign Monitor.

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Recent Designs from Campaign Monitor Users

The gallery of great designs by Campaign Monitor users continues to expand, showcasing lots of different email design approaches for your inspiration. Follow the gallery’s RSS feed and don’t forget to check out our new free base templates.

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“Quite Honestly One of the Best Tools I’ve Ever Come Across”

Campaign Monitor is quite honestly one of the best tools I’ve ever come across. Having been asked by one of my clients to research this area for them and having spent hours Googling for information and becoming more and more confused and frustrated, I finally spoke to one of your existing customers who put me on to you – thank God he did. Your service is a credit to the industry and I only wish that more companies would take the same approach. I’m not exactly a novice to web technology (but no expert either) and your clear and concise explanations made what is a potential minefield for someone like myself extremely easy to understand and to use. Many thanks, and keep up the good work. I’ll be taking full advantage of your service in the near future and have already recommended you to others. Alex Barker, Alex Barker Design

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“I’ve Totally Fallen for Campaign Monitor!”

I’ve totally fallen for Campaign Monitor, it has every feature I could ever want! The reporting is so impressive and I love the way my clients sign into their own reports via my website. Your customer service has been fantastic so far too. Anna Yeaman, Style Campaign

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“You Have Me Sold!”

You have me sold! I have been searching for years on how I can offer stylish email newsletters to my clients, but no one wanted to part with that valuable information without a pricetag. If I knew it was going to be as simple as designing a webpage and uploading it to Campaign Monitor, I would have contacted you eons ago! Thanks for making something so wonderful available to everyone! Doris Cush, Owner, Fraidy Kat Design

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Designer Interviews: Active Ingredients

Today we’re talking to Scott Jacques, partner at Active Ingredients, a San Francisco based design firm that’s been using Campaign Monitor for themselves and their clients for the last 2 years. We asked Scott a few questions about selling email design to his clients, charging for his services and even the biggest email mistakes he’s made to date. Plenty of great insights in here that I hope you guys find useful. How did you get started providing email marketing services to your clients? It was a natural extension of what we were already doing for our clients (websites). We saw it as a great opportunity for our clients to be able to communicate with their constituents in a highly effective and professional manner. It has been a great learning experience for us as well – one that is always changing – as you well know. Has it been hard to convince your clients to embrace email marketing? How do you approach this and any tips to share? “The key – we have found – is to not over promise what email can do for them but rather to find a small way to start the email communication process and evolve from there.” The attitude with our clients has changed dramatically but it is still amazing how many clients (regardless of how you pitch them on email) still associate it with buying lists and sending out unwanted emails. The key – we have found – is to not over promise what email can do for them but rather to find a small way to start the email communication process and evolve from there. We quite often hear our clients groan as they think email is going to result in a ton of new work for them. What they don’t realize is that sometimes the work is already done and they just need to see how the email channel can assist in that process. Example – A law firm is putting on a speaking engagement and they have gone through the process of creating slick print pieces and mailing them out without even considering how email can help with their efforts to get the word out and ensure a great turnout for the event. What a great way to compliment the print piece and ensure the message gets out than to leverage some design elements and copy from the print piece and put together a nice looking email template. We typically find that a client says, “Wow – that makes a lot of sense. And we are spending a ton on the printing and mailing of these pieces.” How much of your current schedule is spent on email marketing for your clients? “It is nice to be able to offer a solution that ranges from a complete self serve tool to a managed solution where we assist them with the sending of campaigns.” It is growing every month (more and more clients want to know how to leverage the email channel) and thanks to the outstanding tools you guys have created we can offer up a variety of solutions for our clients depending on their budget, their role and their goals. It is nice to be able to offer a solution that ranges from a complete self serve tool like MailBuild to a managed solution where we assist them with the sending of campaigns. This way we know we can meet the needs of any type of client. How do you charge your clients for your email marketing services? Typically we start with an initial consultation to define what their goals and objective are (everything from how they would like to manage their campaigns to who they want to communicate with). From there we start the creative process to develop a template or templates that will support those communications. So basically we charge for a consulting/design/process setup fee and then we have a fee per every email campaign (if we work with them on the setup and delivery of emails). What do you think is the biggest benefit of email marketing? There are so many but I think the one that comes to mind (at least today) is the immediacy with which you can dispatch an email to a large group of customers or partners in a very timely and cost effective manner. From your own experiences, what’s the biggest challenge right now in email design? I think a big challenge (design related) is the issue of Microsoft’s decision to revert to Word as default reader for emails. It is a rather large step backwards. Not sure what motivated that decision but we will see what happens. Thanks to Campaign Monitor’s insight we can look to you for best practices on how to deal with this issue. How do you communicate campaign results back to your clients? It all depends on how we manage the delivery process with a client. In some cases, depending on their comfort level, we will grant them access to the reporting area via password and they can login post campaign to view results. In other cases we will extract the information ourselves and place into a Word file to send to the client. Some times less is best in terms of what information they need to see (again based on their comfort level). Any email marketing secrets to share with your fellow designers? “Jumping into design and firing off emails with no real understanding of why you are doing it or who you are sending it to will not help anyone.” No real secrets. Only a good common sense approach to email. When you client says “we need to start using email”, have a process in place so that you can walk them through a needs assessment to ensure that what you deploy is going to help them meet their objectives and goals. Jumping into design and firing off emails with no real understanding of why you are doing it or who you are sending it to will not help anyone. Has it been hard for your team to transition from web design to email design? I think the biggest issues were more from a technical perspective. Our design is always user focused and results oriented regardless of whether it is for email, a micro site or an email, so once we were familiar with the landscape of email design we applied those same principles. What’s the biggest email marketing mistake you’ve made to date? Ah yes. Not testing properly across various email clients and having an email go out prematurely. This quite often results from a poor communication gap where a request for an email comes in the same day it needs to be delivered and then everyone is scrambling to meet same day deadline. This all comes back to a defined email communication program and process being in place with a client to help avoid these situations.

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