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“Amazing customer service”

You guys have thought of everything! I love this tool, especially all the attention to…

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“I think I’m in love”

I know it isn’t healthy for a middle aged man but I think I’m in…

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“Just wanted to say how fantastic the Campaign Monitor experience has been”

Just wanted to say how fantastic the Campaign Monitor experience has been, you really do…

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“I will be naming my first-born Campaign-Monitor”

I will be naming my first-born ‘Campaign-Monitor’. Thanks for a well-resolved, slick, fast and truly…

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“The reporting & segmentation tools are amazing”

I’ve been using Campaign Monitor for two years now for all Applied Language’s outbound email…

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“Campaign Monitor is awesome!”

Holy crap, Campaign Monitor is awesome! Just tried it out by sending some emails today….

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Campaign Monitor comes out on top

“Services like Campaign Monitor suit the vast majority of small/medium businesses with their simple and…

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Recent designs from Campaign Monitor users

The gallery of great designs by Campaign Monitor users continues…

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“Quite honestly one of the best tools I’ve ever come across”

Campaign Monitor is quite honestly one of the best tools I’ve ever come across. Having…

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“I’ve totally fallen for Campaign Monitor!”

I’ve totally fallen for Campaign Monitor, it has every feature I could ever want! The…

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“You have me sold!”

You have me sold! I have been searching for years on how I can offer…

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Designer Interviews: Active Ingredients

Today we’re talking to Scott Jacques, partner at Active Ingredients, a San Francisco based design…

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