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We’ve been seeing some great looking email newsletters being sent through our software of late. This got us thinking… are there any good resources out there that email newsletter designers can turn to for inspiration and insight?

We’ve been looking around for a few days and haven’t come up with much. Sure there are some great resources for web design, but html newsletter design seems to have been largely ignored.

Because of this, we’re considering posting some of these great designs here occasionally (with the designer’s permission of course) with a little review on what we liked about it. We also had a few other ideas, like the ability for you guys to submit, vote and comment on designs as well.

What I want to know is, would you find this useful when looking for inspiration for your next newsletter design?

Update: You wanted it, so here it is, the Campaign Monitor Newsletter Design Gallery.

  • Tom Carmony

    I definitely like the idea… I’ve recently done a similar search for some online resources/galleries and couldn’t find much; I’d love to see something along those lines done here.

  • Sean Alsobrooks

    I think that would be a great resource….I am looking forward to seeing it here.

  • Damien Buckley

    Sounds good – should help everyone to share & develop ideas.

  • harsh

    Sure David, I think thats a great idea.. A section on ‘What not to do..’ would also be nice to have..

  • dan

    Yeah – this’d be great. I did the searches and came up empty handed as well.

  • Darin Lang

    You should host a phpBB installation purely for the discussion of html email marketing. It works great it is easy to administer, and install. Best of all it is FREE and customizable.
    It would be the only one of its kind and a very needed resource. For instance, there are topics beyond design problems and what works in what email program, here is something that really worries me: How do I get a legitimate email list to mail to? The consequences of mailing to an illegitimate email list are severe and could result in my site being terminated by my host. Everyday I am barraged by invititions to use this or that list, but there is no way I will do that until I am certain that it isn’t going to be spam. It’s not easy to figure out who the liars are and aren’t.

  • Sally Carson

    This is a great idea, I would find it very helpful!

  • Jon

    Excellent idea.

  • Andy

    I really like this new section as it gives inspiration to us “non-designers.”

    I am new to the email newsletter world and I was hoping someone could help me explain how a customer of mine could forward my newsletter without it losing all of its formatting? Is this possible? I have many of my own clients that refer me to others and this would be a great help if they could forward my monthly newsletter. Thanks in advance.

  • Dave Greiner

    Hi Andy, sorry for the delayed response.

    Campaign Monitor actually includes a forward to a friend feature that allows any of your recipients to forward your newsletter to up to 5 friends at once. You can read more about this feature here:


    Please let me know if you have any questions.

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