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I’m sure a few of you have come across this scenario before – you’re putting together a newsletter for a client and they want to jazz it up by adding some flash to the email. You might be left wondering, is that going to work?

  • allan

    97% of users support flash, good tracking will allow you to send people who do not have flash an HTML version, if executed correctly flash in emails can be really successful

  • Joshua A. Hart

    allan: 97% of users have Flash enabled in their web browsers, but can the same be said for their mail agents? If so, I’d like to see some evidence for this because it would be great news for those of us who always have to say “no” to our clients requesting Flash emails.

    As this post points out, Flash is technically supported by a lot of mail agents and webmail sites these days, but it is disabled or stripped out by default for security reasons. As long as this is the case, I don’t think we’ll be seeing 97% Flash penetration in e-mail any time soon.


  • steve

    since 2 weeks i’m searching for a solution about flash in newsletters. and today i found this post and i think that i’m going to say “no” to my client.

    if anybody has a solution, please let me know.

  • Kris

    Same experience here with inside company newsletters: Flash not enabled/not installed/not allowed in email programs and therefore a no-go.
    Thanks for putting this clear, it is indeed an often heard request.

    When the Flash-movie is really useful we usually include a mocked up screenshot of it in the email, linking to the server-hosted actual movie.

    Tracking shows that if it’s a valuable movie we sometimes go up to 70% of recipients who actually go and visit the hosted movie. (remember: this is inside the company)

  • Steve

    Since most people use Outlook, does anybody know how to enable Flash within it?


  • John

    Steve —

    By default, Outlook and Outlook Express do not allow ActiveX to run within the email client. This can be turned off by the user, although they need to go through security settings and make this change. Many users are reluctant to change their security settings this days.

  • John

    Steve —

    Sorry.. I mis-read your question. To enable ActiveX in Outlook,
    Tools > Options
    Click Security Tab, press Zone Settings button
    Select Custom Level button, look for “Run ActiveX Controls and Plugins” , set it to ENABLE.

    Fyi– you open yourself up for any ActiveX control to run in your email client — good or bad.

  • johnboy

    late to the discussion I know – but have you tried embedding the flash inside a PDF, you can include all the content you want in the PDF (including data gathering mail back forms that return xml) and send that out as an attachment.

    Personally i think it sucks but may be an easy option for those customers that insist on flash/rich interactive content in an email campaign, maybe better than having to walk away?

  • Mike

    I have to send out a business E-Card and has to be embedded in the e-mail. I wanted to incorporate Flash into the e-card, but I am not sure what e-mail clients the reciepients have. I think I will make a standard HTML version including a link to the Flash version. How do E-Card companies embed their greeting card into e-mail? Are there any other alternatives/suggestions?

  • Forest

    Every E-Card I’ve ever seen has had a link from an email notification to a webpage with the embedded flash E-Card hosted on a webserver. In fact, I’ve never received an email message with visible flash content embedded directly in the email.

    Has anyone found a better solution aside from the cumbersome PDF option mentioned above?

  • Charles

    i am looking for a away to compress an animated gif enough to e-mail it without having it bounce back because ts too bog

  • Haris Habib

    My Client want me to implement a FLASH based Email which Display Flash based files and they have dynamic data. Such as the Frame around the Pciture has different colors.
    Can anyone tell me how can I do that?

  • Sarfraz Hassan

    We are also trying to embed flash into email, but unable to do that. There should be a solution !!!!

  • Leslie

    I am also trying to find out how to embed active content in an email..i have decided to resort to an animated gif. Any suggestions?

  • Alfred


    seems like there are some limitation in flashing in email,
    is there any ways where by publish the flash to html, then to web-based email?
    Does anyone have ideas or opinions or this on how to implement this?

    Thanks and appreciated if reply asap.

    warmest regards,

  • Jamie

    Animated GIF is your best bet. As stated above, the failure rate of embeded flash in email clients is very high. It is not safe to assume your clients are using a compatible email client or if they are, have the activex control allowed.

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  • Soma
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