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If you’ve got a subscribe form on more than one page on your site, Campaign Monitor provides a really simple way of tracking which pages or forms your subscribers are signing up from.

Here are the steps:

  1. Add a custom field to your subscriber list called “source” (or something similar).
  2. Head into Create a subscribe form and make sure you select the new “source” custom field to be included. Save your changes and copy the supplied code for your subscribe form.
  3. Add the subscribe code to your site, but change the text for the source field from <input type="text" to <input type="hidden".
  4. Place this code on each of the pages on your site, and give the hidden field a value. For example, the front page could use value="frontpage" and the contact page could be value="contactpage".
  5. Every time someone completes these subscribe forms, they’ll be added to your list and the hidden form value will passed into the “source” field.

This gives you an easy way to find out which pages on your site are converting the most subscribers.

  • Andrew Beacock

    Once you’ve added the custom field, how do you report on who has signed up via a page with that custom hidden field?

    I can’t seem to find anything in the reports that will show the source types.

  • Ben Richardson

    Your right Andrew, there isn’t any specific report on this but you can click into each user to view where they have subscribed from.

    And if you want to get some overall stats instead of just a snapshot of each subscriber, just export your list and you can use Excel or similar to analyze the data.

  • Andrew Beacock

    Thanks for the prompt reply Ben, I thought that would be the case, but just wanted to double-check that I hadn’t missed anything.

    I love the web interface, it makes creating and viewing campaigns a real pleasure!

  • sunil ahuja

    how to track bounce mail, open , view and rating of goes to inbox ?

    once the bounce mail is coming to an specific id through return path
    how can i update the field for that specific email id

    any suggestion of help is highly appreciable..


  • Dave Greiner

    Hi sunil, we actually track all of these things for you automatically when you use Campaign Monitor, so you don’t need to do anything at your end.

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