AmigoIf you’ve ever considered adding a little advertising to your email newsletters but never knew where to start? Amigo, a new product from the team at Carson Systems looks really interesting. Here’s the skinny…

“The app works like a matching service. If you are an advertiser you can register with Amigo and find hundreds of newsletters in which to advertise your product. If you are a newsletter owner, your small (but targeted) newsletter could be the perfect ad vehicle for one advertiser who is willing to pay a relatively high price per click to reach your subscribers. It’s a match made in heaven!”

Amigo is currently in beta, but if you’re interested you can register for their beta program here. We can definitely see this kind of service coming in handy for smaller newsletter publishers looking at generating a little extra revenue.

  • Milan Hawkins

    Great idea! This is sure to see a tremendous amount of interest from those that manage niche mailiing lists, and advertisers will have the ability to reach a very specific demographic at (one would assume) a competitive price.

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