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I just came across a great post by Campaign Monitor customer Craig Killick from The Escape on the recent tactics they employed to get an impressive 70% open rate and the sale of 60% of their inventory for the product being marketed.

Craig goes on to explain the 4 main reasons behind this success and also some recommendations of what not to do. Here was the standout for me and is a great example of how to use our segments feature:

When they subscribed, they were given the choice to check a box against specific selections: In this case it was artists that they are specifically interested in buying pieces of work from. This specific e-mail was personalised and about something (a specific artist) that they have a great interest in, from someone they know and trust. Therefore, the penetration is that much more effective.

Definitely a great read for those that need reminding of how crucial it is to ensure your creative is as relevant as possible to your subscribers.

  • Ian

    We had a 70% open rate for this campaign monitor powered email – http://www.getatrowel.co.uk/newsletter/archaeology_pack_newsletter.html

    It’s all about regularity, opting in (with the option of opting out) and most importantly; having content that they care about! If you know what your audience what and you have something to say, then you are onto a winner!

  • Arnaud

    I have a newsletter with TV content… people decide which type of content (movie, sport, tv-series, etc…) they want within the newsletter. Once a week, they received directly to their inbox the schedule for the next week, based on their choices.
    Conclusion : 99.95% of deliverability (its a single optin subscription !), 85% of openrates, 112% of cumulated openrates and more that 55% of clickrates…
    Email marketing 2.0, user generated newsletter is the next step :)

  • Dave Greiner

    Thanks for the examples guys and congrats on the impressive results you’ve been getting. It’s amazing how many people can over look the “having content people care about” ingredient in the email marketing mix.

  • Craig Killick

    Dave, thanks for the shout. I am interested in other peoples comments as to how potential clients relate to ‘permission-based’ e-mail marketing when it is being sold as a concept. I am still finding at street level (so to speak) that people still want to buy a list or are working from lists that have never been cleaned over years. Their angle being that they want quick pay-off no matter how bad it is. I find this frustrating, so am keen to know if anyone else has this problem, or how they get around it.

  • Cheshire Dave

    I’ve been thinking about using segments to isolate people who haven’t opened a number of campaigns in a row, and then sending them a special “return to us” offer and asking them to let us know affirmatively that they want to stay on the list. If I don’t hear back from them, the idea is that I would drop them from the list entirely. I’m sure if I drop them my open rate will shoot up to about 70%, but am I being pennywise, pound-foolish to save $5 a mailing this way? (We’re talking currently about 500 subscribers.)

    Currently my open rate averages about 28-30%, which I understand is pretty good, but I kind of feel that it’s money wasted to keep emailing people who don’t open the emails but don’t unsubscribe either. Though perhaps it’s just enough that they see my email and it reminds them to think of my theatre even if they don’t open the email?

  • Craig Killick

    Cheshire Dave, they may be getting them as text e-mails? If they aren’t un-subscribing they may well be reading. Try taking todays advice from Seth Godin and mix it up a little – http://sethgodin.typepad.com/seths_blog/2007/02/rotating_crops.html

  • Cheshire

    Thanks, Craig — a good point and an interesting piece of advice.

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