Hey guys. First off, apologies for the web site being unavailable the past few hours. You’ll be pleased to know this had absolutely no impact on the Campaign Monitor service. Your emails were still being sent and tracked, new subscribers were being added to lists and you could even access your account at app.campaignmonitor.com.

So what happened? We had a serious hardware failure on our web server that needed to be fixed right there and then. As soon as this was identified, our data centre technicians rebuilt the server, restored the backup and the system is now online and purring along nicely.

A big thanks to those customers who dropped us a line about the issue, and thanks also for your patience as we resolved it. We’re now making a number of changes behind the scenes to make sure this kind of issue won’t take the site down with it moving forward.

  • Joe Martinez

    A word of warning,

    We had our app ‘coupled’ to Mail Build through the API. This created failures during opt in for our registration process, causing some users not to be able to complete.

    As of this afternoon, we now subscribe them in a separate thread – you may want to advise this practice.

  • Ben Richardson

    Joe – Firstly, sorry for the inconvenience this has caused you.

    The technique you mentioned of a separate thread is a good idea, and something we should put together a post about.

    But we’re working on adding some extra layers of redundancy so you don’t have to worry about adding this extra complexity.

  • Damien Buckley

    Another side effect is that websites displaying the ‘sent campaigns’ script were not displaying properly until the load timed-out, ie, displaying half a page or without CSS rendered etc for up to 30 seconds – not good on a home page. Is there any way we can alter the script to skip over it if the feed is not readily available?

  • Ben Richardson

    Damien – There isn’t a simple way around this. You could write code to cache your file locally, and periodically pull down the latest version. But unfortunately this is a fair amount of code, and would be a server side script in a language that best suits your environment.

    Again, I think the better solution is what we’re putting in place, which is additional servers to provide extra layers of redundancy.

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