We often get approached by people who have enough HTML knowledge to be able to edit an existing page, but don’t have the level of design skills to create the look they are after.

We try to be helpful, but we don’t always know of a friendly designer who can work with those people to create base designs or MailBuild templates. Last week on the forums, member CleverDick posted a similar query. So if you are a web designer, maybe a freelancer or an inhouse designer looking for some extra gigs, drop by the forum and leave your details in the thread.

When we got more queries like this in the future, we can direct people there to find someone who can help them. We already know you guys are super talented – you can let other people find you too!

  • Norman Thomas

    I’m available to create mailings or templates. I have 6 years experience in creating mailings (design and coding) of all sort for the largest online retailer in the Netherlands. So if you are looking for someone who can help you out with mailings, feel free to contact me. norman@media-ingredients.nl.

  • Dave Greiner

    Thanks for leaving your details Norman. Your best bet is to make sure this is also posted in the forum, so that when we point potential customers that way they can spot your message nice and easy.

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