A week ago we launched the Campaign Monitor forums as a place to discuss issues in email design and Campaign Monitor. We’ve already had a lot of people sign up, and some good discussions kick off.

From time to time we will be pointing out some of the interesting topics and excellent posts here in the blog. This week we started off with the welcome post where we got to meet some of you guys (that’s still an excellent place to drop in and say hi). We promised to send a free Campaign Monitor t-shirt to one of the contributors to that thread, and the lucky winner is Chris Harrison, who could be picking his shirt right now.

If you are a Flash guy or girl with some development skills, you could pick up some cash helping out forum member Brenda with her subscribe form in Flash. It’s a pretty straightforward job, since you can use our Flash API sample file. She would love to hear from you.

Finally, if you have any suggestion for our presentation at the Future of Web Design, we’ve setup a FOWD ideas topic and look forward to hearing your ideas. If you haven’t joined the forums yet, it is the work of a minute to register and get started. See you there!

  • Chris Harrison

    w00t! Thanks for the t-shirt guys!

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