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Our recent MailBuild and Campaign Monitor demo movies have proved super popular, and have been a great way to introduce designers to the product. In the past, and particularly since we released our demos, we’ve had several requests for videos that Campaign Monitor and MailBuild customers can use to sell the concept of email marketing and their specific services to their own clients.

We’re starting to plan out exactly how something like that could work, and we’d love to hear from you all about the most common questions your clients (and potential clients) have when you are selling email services to them.

Perhaps they want to know whether email marketing is worth spending money on, or why they should use a special service to do something they can do themselves. The idea is that we could produce a video that covers some of these key questions in an engaging way, and help you in your sales process.

Obviously these videos would never mention Campaign Monitor or MailBuild directly, so you can use them for your rebranded services. This is your chance to have a powerful marketing tool built for you, so please do leave us a comment below.

What questions do your clients have about email marketing and email newsletter services?

  • Marco

    The demo for mailbuild shows the advantage for me as a reseller. It would be nice if there was a demo for the customer of the reseller that will use mailbuild (so without the paying part), so just creating / organizing campaigns.


  • Dave Greiner

    It would be nice if there was a demo for the customer of the reseller that will use mailbuild

    Thanks for the feedback marco, right now we’re looking at doing one for Campaign monitor customers, but are hoping a MailBuild one will shortly follow. As Mat mentioned, this won’t be a demo pitched at designers, it will be one you can put on your own site to pitch to your own customers.

    We’ve even got plans of making a dynamic demo builder so you can customize the content, pricing, etc to reflect your own offering.

  • Kay Smoljak

    I’d love to see videos explaining the benefits of outsourcing email – especially why mail from mailbuild is less likely to be spam blacklisted.

  • Dave Greiner

    Great suggestion Kay, we were thinking the same thing. There are a few key points we mention in our article on the benefits of outsourcing your email delivery that I think would be useful to communicate to current and potential clients of yours.

  • Steve

    Lovely… One of the biggest selling points for us to use mailbuild with our clients is that it empowers them to communicate with their audience. I think that’s huge. Some of the most common questions are about the competition, “Why would I use you when I can use Constant Contact or MailChimp”… to which I’ll pull out reasons to bad mouth them both. Another huge selling point is that the campaigns aren’t branded “Mailbuild” or “My Company” so it looks like their own high level system.

  • Ben McGrath

    Steve – we have the same issues with having to pitch Campaign Monitor and Mailbuild against their competition (Constant Contact etc..) – what reasoning do you use?

  • xtfer

    Coming from a government perspective, though it applies equally to all sectors, the key factor was the “responsible citizen” approach.

    Convincing managers to change what their teams were doing required convincing them of the risks posed to corporate reputation by not doing the right thing, and then showing them how CM (& MB) not only solved those problems, but enhanced the service.

  • Anna Yeaman

    Its would be fantastic to have a video demo to show potential clients! Some questions I get asked often are:

    1. Can we put our company name in the from line. (I know this is basic but I am asked this everytime) People are concerned that the email will not appear to come directly from them.

    2. Branding is very important. The fact that there is no Campaign Monitor logo at the bottom of every email like Constant Contact is a big relief to people.

    3. I always get asked by new clients how do they send me their email list. In what format do I need it in, do I know how to export their email addresses from outlook or whatever they are using. For some reason people have difficulty getting their list together.

    4. How are unsubscribes handled, and general list management questions. They want to be reasurred it taken off their hands.

    5. I am always asked how they can grow their opt-in email list. A section on that with ideas would be a big hit!


  • Dave Greiner

    All great suggestions Anna, thanks for chiming in. They’ll certainly be considered.

  • Vince

    Has this been shelved or any ready that I just can’t find :-(
    Many thanks

  • Kym

    How is this going ?
    has there been any progress on a video tour we can use to sell to clients
    for us this would be more to show people when talking to them about an email strategy
    so the fence sitters…
    basically a white label version of the mailbuild tour, minus the stuff about resellers of course…
    and yes as suggested above a way to edit the per message fee and campaign fee to fit our pricing of the service…
    possibly also a way to insert our logo as we do in the system, so it loks like our branded interface in the video…

    i think starting with just a tour of the software seems th way to go
    then maybe as a next version putting in some more benefits of email marketing etc

  • Dave Greiner

    Vince and Kym, we’re working on some pretty significant changes to the interface right now. Once that’s out the door, we’ll definitely be putting together a movie like this. We decided there was no point using what will soon become an outdated version of the app and make the demo redundant in a couple of months.

    We’ll have plenty more to say about these big changes over the next couple of weeks.

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