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Today we’ve uploaded a hot new set of totally free templates you can use for your email campaigns. If you’ve read our reports on CSS support in email clients you will know that it can be very tricky to get an email looking good in all the major programs.

Hot new templates

You may remember that we have previously released a set of free templates. With those designs, what we tried to do was stick as closely to clean, semantic code as possible. In doing so we made compromises in the design consistency in order to keep the code easily editable.

While that was fantastic for many designers, who took them as a base and built up beautiful designs on them, for others it was a bit frustrating. We heard some feedback that you were expecting designs which varied less between different mail programs.

So this time we’ve changed our approach and gone all out to get the rendering as close as possible in everything from Outlook 2007 to Thunderbird. That means using HTML and CSS that’s more complicated than before, and a little trickier to edit. If you do make changes, make sure to re-test before sending!

We’re not saying the design will be 100% the same in every email client; sometimes there are limitations that can’t be worked around. You will find that they are pretty close, most of the time, and always end up looking good.

We think you’ll love the visual impact of these designs too, as we’ve added some more personality and character to the new layouts. Each template comes complete with its original Photoshop file which you can use to edit the graphical touches.

If you’re a MailBuild user too, then you get double benefits, because we’ve also included a version with MailBuild template tags built in, and they even take advantage of the new multiple repeater functionality.

So visit the templates page now and check them out!

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